LIAB Epilogue 03:1/Text

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Ace really didn't know what was going on here, but he loved it. His new Chief Warlord was as cool as a snow golem. Bro stood about a million feet tall, and he had the lines, man!

"If anybody takes a shot at me, or gets in my way again, then you can expect to join my personal guard."

Disband it, that was a good line!

Plus, His Hugeness was a scrapper. That fight in the throne room was something, huh? Chips were down, Dollamancer and a Battle Bear go up against a Heavy Chief Warlord. Tell ya what, it might'a been a different story if the wall hadn't caved in. Wow, that's what croaked him. Weird thought.

But then again, if they'd won...well, he wouldn't have ended up here. The Titans knew what they were doing.

Ace marched vigilantly behind his Mistress, guarding the big behind of Hamster Mountain. With a narrow squint, he scanned the eyes of the few casters who stood to watch, or dared to follow.