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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Sylvia and Captain Archer look over the wreckage of a battle. A green dwagon and a purple dwagon are visible in midst of the rubble, with a red dwagon off to the side.[edit]

Sylvia: Yeah, I think they're all dusted, except the one they netted.

Captain Archer: That was hard to watch.

Sylvia: It was stupid. Tower down should've won this battle.
The airspace should never have been an escape option.

Panel 2

Sylvia and Archer talk in the Atrium atop a pile of rubble. Sylvia pouts. There's a decrypted Red dwagon in the background.[edit]

Captain Archer: What now?
Wait for orders?

Sylvia: Yeah, we have to.
But we might not get any; we're kind of abandoned here right now.
We need a plan, too.

Panel 3

Sylvia smiles maliciously as she talks with Archer. A decrypted purple and Red dwagon are in the background.[edit]

Sylvia: Right now I'm thinking of a very simple, very easy plan.

Archer: Oh?

Sylvia: Light up the reds.
Burn this garrison right to the ground.

Panel 4

In the Atrium, Sylvia holds her arm with a bit of a glare directed at Archer, who raises an eyebrow questioningly. The inside panel has Archer gasp in shock.[edit]

Archer: We can't leave the garrison. You want to set fire to the only place we can't leave?

Sylvia: "Want to" would be overstating it.
But I'd have no problem daring to.

Archer: You'd order every single Gobwin Knob unit, including yourself, to burn up?

Panel 5

Upwards shot of the shattered roof in the Atrium. Sylvia gestures up with an open palm and a bored expression. Archer closes his eyes, a look of sad resignation on his face.[edit]

Sylvia: We can leave the garrison once we own the city.
If the fire croaks the last Jetstone units in the garrison before it gets us, then we can escape to the outer walls. The remaining dwagons could take to the airspace again.

Archer: I think we'd all perish.

Panel 6

Sylvia, wearing Wanda's livery, speaks of her approach to life and her current plans. The interior of Spacerock is visible in the background.[edit]
Sylvia: Not the reds. We'd hold the city. And maybe you'd perish, Captain.
Not me.
I'm Fate's little darling. I've been daring to perish my whole life. I've burned up in cities twice already.

Panel 7

In the Atrium, Sylvia hold one hand palm up with one hand while holding the other behind her back. She looks a bit bored as she exposits. Archer looks dumbfounded.[edit]

Archer: Twice.
At Gobwin Knob, and... ?

Sylvia: Oh, when I was with Unaroyal.
I got trapped in an enemy garrison we blazed up. I was burned to a cinder.

Panel 8

Outside of a Unaroyal city, a wagon is being pulled by a horned beast that looks like a large guinea pig. Jojo lifts a blanket over an incapacitated Sylvia. A knight, or possibly a Warlord in large shoulder pauldrons and a finned headband is escorting the wagon.[edit]

Sylvia (voice only): "But we had this Carnymancer who really liked me. He saved me from croaking by rigging the incapacitation rules on me. They hauled me back to the capital in a wagon, and he cast over me every day for ten turns, just keeping me alive."

Archer (voice only): "Until they got you a Healomancer?"

Panel 9

In a room with a bed, Jojo holds a mug to a very surprised, and healthy, looking Sylvia in Unaroyal Infantry raiment.[edit]
Sylvia (voice only): "Pff, no. Queen Bea was mad enough at all the fuss over a Level 1 stabber.
No, one day I just popped up off the bed, good as new.
The Carnymancer said he'd 'made a trade' for me."

Panel 10

In the Atrium, Sylvia has a wicked smile and gestures at the ground with a hand. Archer has his back turned.[edit]

Archer: A trade?

Sylvia: Yeah, that's all he'd say.
But after that, I got promoted to warlord, and things started falling into place.
Now I realize he meant the game's rigged in my favor, even when I lose.

Panel 11

Ground level shot of a croaked Artemis and one of her Knights, her bow is still in her hand. In the distance, Archer and Sylvia look over.[edit]
Sylvia: Every time I'm off to meet the Titans, it's "No! Get back in the game." Fate won't let me lose.
It's happened three times in this battle. It just happened again, with that Jetstone warlord who rushed us.
It'll just keep on happening, I think.

Panel 12

In the Atrium, closeup of Sylvia pointing forward to an off panel Archer. She's got a dark smile.[edit]
Sylvia: So no, I'm not afraid to burn. Only of angering Mistress Wanda.
You, on the other hand...
You should probably give me a better idea for a plan.

Panel 13

Upward shot of Sylvia and Archer in the Atrium. She's folded her arms and smiles at Archer smugly. Archer has a deeply uncomfortable look on his face.[edit]

Archer: I, uh... I think we should just search through the garrison for hidden Jetstone units.

Sylvia: Sure. Go for it.