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Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Parson digs through a box of multi-colored figurines that rests on the long planning table, covered in large maroon hexes, dominated by a model of Spacerock, a huge hexagonal wall surrounding an area four hexes wide and five tall, itself dominated by a big gray box with a thin rectangular tower coming out of it, settled on two half-hexes just off to the left of center. Small figures fill the city, with blue all around the walls, with yellow mixed in and in a sort of north/south axis coming off both sides of the garrison, and a cluster of red flying ones in one hex just off the garrison, led by a light-colored one, white or pink. Maggie stands nearby, resting her left hand on the table; a purse hangs from that shoulder.


Parson Gotti: You know how I felt about this job, Maggie.