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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (32)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
Previous LIAB Text 23 Next LIAB Text 24 [edit]

Panel 1

A large group of Jetstone cloth golems is charging the decrypted enemy forces. In the foreground, a large multicolored LFN with a rider is about to stomp Captain Ford, who has a severed leg under the LFN's rear foot. Two Battle Bears and a G-RAF are also visible; one Battle Bear is being skewered by pikers while preparing to crush them with a thrown boulder.[edit]
Jetstone Warlord: Crush, Irony! [1] [edit]

Panel 2

The panel is set from a bird's eye view down on the column's hex as the battle rages below. Ansom's crushed Spidew is in the center of the panel with a few Decrypted spread around it. A mass of Decrypted is visible to the left with a larger mass of Jetstone units approaching from the right. Some of the decrypted have broken ranks and are fleeing to the top of the panel as Jetstone's heavy golems and infantry surge across.[edit]
Maggie: Ford has fallen. [edit]

Panel 3

The scene shifts to the Gobwin Knob Situation Room. Stanley the Tool is in the foreground facing partially toward the right of panel, wearing a resigned or disappointed expression. Maggie is behind him facing toward the viewer with a similar expression.[edit]

Maggie: I'm afraid the rest of our forces in the hex can be presumed overrun as well.

Stanley the Tool: Yeah, I know.

Panel 4

Parson is seen from the side, above and behind next to the strategy table holding what appears to be his Eyebook for Stanley to read. Maggie is some distance behind them pulling her handbag out from under the table. Stanley appears pensive.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Okay, your real options for Chief Warlord are Ossomer, KC and Sylvia.

Parson Gotti: I can see arguments for each...

Stanley the Tool: Hm.

Panel 5

The scene has shifted to Stanley's right. Parson is still holding the book for him. Maggie has moved back behind Stanley. She is holding her bag open and reaching inside with her left hand to grasp some of the glittering gold dust within. Stanley is making a vague 'whatever' gesture with his right arm.[edit]

Maggie: May I give you a suggestion, Lord?

Stanley the Tool: Sure.

Panel 6

The scene shifts to above Maggie who is making a throwing motion with her left arm, releasing the glittering dust into Stanley's eyes. Stanley appears dumbstruck. Parson is still holding the book next to Stanley.[edit]
Sound: FOOF [edit]

Panel 7

The scene is from the center of the strategy table. Maggie is standing in profile on Stanley's right who is half facing toward the viewer. Maggie is holding her left hand next to Stanley's head, her right hand is pointing towards Parson off the side of the panel. The mind altering dust sparkles and swirls around Stanley's eyes as he stares vacantly into space.[edit]

Maggie: Appoint Parson.

Maggie: Then leave the room, so he can think.

Panel 8

The scene shifts to the right. Parson is staring at Stanley's face, apparently stunned and concerned; he's still holding the book in front of him. It appears to depict two or three candidates Parson considers most promising for the Chief Warlord post. The dust continues to sparkle and swirl around Stanley's eyes as he looks vacantly at Parson's face.[edit]
Parson Gotti: Uh... [edit]

Panel 9

The panel is set in close-up on Stanley's face from Parson's perspective. His eyes are back to normal, and he is wearing an angry snarl. Maggie is visible behind him holding her bag closed in front of her.[edit]

Stanley the Tool: Hey yeah, genius.

Stanley the Tool: What'd I summon you for, anyway?

Panel 10

The panel is set to Parson's right, slightly behind him. Parson is still holding his book but his arms have drooped. Stanley has lightly jumped off his box and is disinterestedly gesturing towards Parson with his right arm without looking at him, he's also seized the handle of the Arkenhammer in his left. Maggie's left arm is by her side but otherwise hasn't moved; she is watching Stanley with an annoyed expression.[edit]

Stanley the Tool: You be Chief again.

Stanley the Tool: Quit slacking and think us out of this mess.

Stanley the Tool: I'mma go get a snack.

Panel 11

Maggie and Parson are seen in profile at medium range looking across the strategy table at Stanley as he walks towards the doors at the other end of the room, apparently whistling and absently juggling the Arkenhammer. Parson's right hand is squeezing the spine of his book closed as it drops to his side.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 12

Maggie and Parson are still in profile, now facing each other. Parson still appears stunned and Maggie looks vaguely smug. Stanley has reached the far end of the room and is apparently waving the Arkenhammer to draw attention to himself.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Lolwut.

Stanley the Tool: 'Nybody want anything from the larder?


  1. ^ The irony lies in the fact that Ford, a reference to former President of the United States of America Gerald Ford, is being killed by an elephant, the symbol of the Republican Party of which Gerald Ford was a member.