Joe Spade

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LIAB 113.jpg
Joe Spade
Race: Men
Faction: Magic Kingdom
Class: Caster (Dirtamancer)

Proposed Canon

"A'ight. Git'r done!"

Strengths: Knowing what's up, Rockin'

Weaknesses: Gitting'r done, Taking the shot

First Appearance: LIAB 113

Joe Spade is a Dirtamancer in the Magic Kingdom.

He is Qualified, meaning that he can sit in judgment of other Casters in an enforcement council. He describes himself as a 'rocker.' This is may be an affirmation of his status as a Dirtamancer, his position as a Qualified, or something to do with the Titanic affiliation with Rock & Roll. Possibly even all three.

He is responsible for the destruction of the barrier that Sizemore Rockwell constructed in the Magic Kingdom.

Real World References

Joe Dirt is a movie starring David Spade, whose character strongly resembles the Dirtamancer. His catchphrase is that of Larry the Cable Guy.