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Race: Men
Faction: Magic Kingdom, Barbarian
Class: Caster (Thinkamancer)
Rank and Titles: Mastermind, Headmaster, Master of Thinkamancy and Lookamancy, Adept of Foolamancy
Level: 11



I once dreamed that I was following my own Grandiocosmic String to its source, pulling myself downward, hand-over-hand. I was heading toward a place of ultimate meaning, perhaps Ark itself. But then my hand grabbed onto the part of the string responsible for creating the dream, and I woke. I wish I hadn't grabbed it so hard.

Isaac is 21,500 turns old.

Isaac served three different sides over a long career. Popped in Scytale, he was eventually traded in a diplomatic agreement with Viagara Falls. After more then 5000 turns there, he was captured by the Republic Domain, turned, and resided there until his release when the side suddenly expired 7,600 turns ago.

Although he was always a competent and reliable Thinkamancer, it was only as a barbarian caster that he discovered an interest in the fundamentals of magic and to explore his discipline. He was accepted early into the Great Minds that Think Alike, who appreciated his calm and polite demeanor as much as his intellect.

As he turned his studies to other forms of Eyemancy, Isaac made some deeply disturbing observations and discoveries. In particular he discovered important implications about Charlie's attunement to the Arkendish. These revelations began to turn the Great Minds away from the petty gossip of the Magic Kingdom and toward the exploration of broader questions about their world.

Isaac often hires out to sides all over Erfworld, but prefers short contracts. By means of his long lifetime of active casting, he recently achieved the rarely reached level of 11. Although this makes him the highest Headmaster in the Magic Kingdom, Isaac leads only when necessary. His mind is usually elsewhere.

Proposed Canon

He suspected it might be a law of Erfworld, but there was not enough evidence.

Strengths: Curiosity, Generosity, Inventiveness, Building Scientific Instruments, Stylish Jackets

Weaknesses: Loneliness, Focus, Courage of Convictions, Insanity

First Appearance: TBFGK 140

Isaac Cipher is a Headmaster among the Thinkamancers.LIAB Text 40

First seen when Parson entered the Magic Kingdom after the Battle for Gobwin Knob, he summoned the Thinkamancers to unravel the Croakamancer-Dirtamancer caster link, saying they'd do it for no charge. Isaac didn't meet Parson again until Parson decided to travel through the Magic Kingdom to Spacerock's portal, and the Great Minds went to meet him. LIAB 58 LIAB 66

Isaac is a rarity among the casters of the Magic Kingdom, not content with debating and arguing over theories and hypotheses on the nature of magic and Erf, but actively working to discern reliable and consistent facts. Isaac created of a number of devices to aid thinkamancers in better accessing nodes of amplification or attuning to the frequencies of certain G-String vibrations (all of which resemble children's playground equipment from our world). LIAB Text 40

Isaac is friendly with the Predictamancers, which has lead to a degree of fatalism in his world view. LIAB Epilogue 04

Isaac admires Parson's curiosity, and likes him on a personal level. Hvs.tCF 60

He linked with Ace Hardware to create a miniature secret camera for Parson Gotti.Hvs.tCF 1

Parson asked Isaac to find out what Sizemore, Maggie and Ace Hardware did to the Tower Jed in Spacerock before he dissolved their link. Isaac, Roger, and Pamelor did so. Hvs.tCF 59

At Parson's request, Isaac and the other Great Minds took the unprecedented step of meeting with the Baddie Countess Bunny in the Temple of the Thinkamancers and offering her a pardon if she helped them fight Charlie. Hvs.tCF 67

Parson thinks Isaac knows more about Magic than anyone else he's ever meet, including Janis and Charlie. However, thanks to Maggie, he also knows Isaac isn't sharing most of what he knows with him. Hvs.tCF 87

Isaac and 17 other Great Minds monitored the events leading up to the attack by the free casters on Parson, Wanda and other Gobwin Knob units near Charlescomm's portal. They cast the collide-o-scope spell when it seemed Parson might enter a random portal, though it failed to prevent him from doing so. Hvs.tCF 139


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Isaac was one of few survivors when Charlie destroyed the Temple of the Thinkamancers in the Battle of the Magic KingdomHvs.tCF 243. But as a result of the disrupted trance fusion he was participating in at the time, he developed ashen skin and was transformed. When Parson later tried to contact him mentally, he responded with a single word "Deiform", a term which Parson understands to mean Godlike.

Isaac refers to himself in plural (outside of a quote from Kafka on Hvs.tCF 254) and was able to remotely slice the G-Strings of Charlie's Archons, what only a trance fusion could do. So he's more of that same trance fusion in Isaac's body rather than his own personality.


Should he ever link up with a Carnymancer, they will create devices capable of automatically switching Thinkamancers between nodes at precisely calibrated frequencies to achieve Thinkamancy that, while not as versatile, will actually rival the Arkendish in power (like a Ferris Wheel or a Roller Coaster).

Isaac may hope that he or one of the other Great Minds that Think Alike can replace Charlie as the attuned holder of the Arkendish, if Parson succeeds in defeating Charlie. If he did manage to attune to the Arkendish, his advanced knowledge of Eyemancy might allow him to use it in ways that Charlie, a Carnymancer, cannot.

Because Collide-o-scope is in part a foolamancy spell, casting it may help give Isaac the insight he needs to become a Master foolamancer.

Real World References

His name coupled with his tendencies as a natural philosopher are a reference to Isaac Newton. Some of his suspicions about the laws of Erfworld include that there is "A counter-force for every force, a reaction to every action. Opposite, and perhaps equal." which is one way of specifying the real world (Isaac Newton's) Third Law of Motion.

His appearance is a reference to Carl Sagan. His desire for the Arkendish as a tool of observation may also reference the use of radio telescopes in astronomy. His expertise in Lookamancy may be a reference to Newton's work on optics.

Both Carl Sagan and Isaac Newton were teachers, and one of the titles for the person in charge of a school is Headmaster.

Before he tells Parson his name, Parson calls him Mr. Rogers which he does somewhat resemble (albeit a younger Fred Rogers).

Isaac was popped in Scytale. A scytale is a tool used to perform a transposition cipher. It's a cylinder with a strip of parchment wound around it on which is written a message. The ancient Greeks, and the Spartans in particular, are said to have used this cipher to communicate during military campaigns. The recipient uses a cylinder of the same diameter as the one on which the message was written to read the message. It has the advantage of being fast and not prone to mistakes—a necessary property when on the battlefield. It can, however, be easily broken. Since the strip of parchment hints strongly at the method, the cipher text would have to be transferred to something less suggestive, somewhat reducing the advantage noted.

Viagara Falls is a reference to both the drug, Viagra, and Niagara Falls. His 'diplomatic trade' could be a reference to the fact that one portion of Niagara Falls lies in Canada and the other lies in the United States.

The Republic Domain is a reference to the term "public domain" which refers to the idea that intellectual property rights can expire. Given that the Republic Domain was his third side where his ideas were allowed to spread, therefore they were no longer exclusive, this is appropriate. It should also be noted that all examples of the formulae of Newtonian Physics are considered to be public domain.

Republic Domain may also be a reference to the Dominican Republic, a nation in the Caribbean, officially named República Dominicana in its official language of Spanish.

ISAAC(acronym for indirection, shift, accumulate, add, and count) is a cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator and a stream cipher designed by Robert J. Jenkins Jr. in 1996.

When Isaac used Lookamancy to see through a wall, beams shot out of his eyes like Superman's power of x-ray vision.LIAB 112