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Proposed Canon

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The geography of Erfworld is divided into a hexagonal grid.Erf-b1-p046aSame-site.PNG Each hex has an associated x,y coordinate.Erf-b1-p010Same-site.PNG Units are not permitted to cross hex boundaries except when on TurnErf-b1-p115Same-site.PNG; however, units are able to move freely within a hex, and move objects, such as notes, across the hex borders.

Off turn archery can happen only within the archer's hex. Arrows fired into adjacent hexes (usually when missing a target) become stuck in midair at the hex boundary.LIAB_33a

Every hex has a Terrain type, these can determine penalties to move or require a special to enter them; such as mountain hexes requiring units be Mountain-capable to get across them.

For more information on hexes and how they are used, see Movement.

Hex Boundary

Between each hex, there is a line, visible to units of Erfworld, and visible to Parson only when he wears his 3D Glasses. If a unit is unable to move between hexes, there is a soft resistance that keeps the unit from entering the new hex.

Known Locations


The Great Minds' conversation with Ivan Poe suggests that Erfworld might be mostly round. It isn't possible to make a sphere entirely out of hexagons, so if this is the case, Erfworld might have a few stray pentagon regions.