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Proposed Canon

A Galleon is a type of ship: a Water-capable vehicle with a crew. Much like some siege engines, a galleon can carry other Units on it.


A galleon probably makes any Units on board Water-capable. Galleons have been offered as an example of Technology.

Real World References

Real World galleons had three to five masts and typically weighed 500 tons or less, but can be as large as 2000 tons. Galleons have a low forecastle and square tuck stern. This type of vessel is built specifically for warfare, though there is some space that might be used for cargo if ammunition is sacrificed. Primary propulsion comes from the large square rigged sails on the main masts. Oak is used for the keel and pine for the hull, with whatever hardwood was available for the decks. While all galleons in the Real World carried guns, Erfworld galleon armament is likely more interesting.