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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official.


Dwarfy are a short bearded humanoid units who, in combat, prefer to use battle axes to mince up the enemy in close quarters. The most famous of the Dwarfy is Baron Shortarse who leads his fellow Dwarfy into battle on his mighty steed 'Bill' a Rolladuck.

Varieties of Dwarfy

There are seven different varieties or tribes of Dwarfy, each with a unique appearance and different abilities. The seven Dwarfy are as follows.

Known varieties:

  • Lusty Dwarfy
  • Fatty Dwarfy
  • Greedy Dwarfy
  • Lazy Dwarfy
  • Angry Dwarfy
  • Needy Dwarfy
  • Snobby Dwarfy

Dwarfy Organization

Dwarfy are not a capital side - they have no capital, no cities, no royals. They do, however, have their own treasury (or treasuries) and can form long semipermanent alliances.

Dwarfy will not ally with any side that has Gobwins, Hobgobwins, Elves, or Marbits as allies.

Real World References

The various Dwarfy varieties each have more specific real world references, but the Dwarfy generally all refer to the Dwarfs of mythological legend while the Dwarfy varieties match up to the Seven deadly sins.