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This an attempt to create a rough RPG set of rules of erfworld, based off the Exalted d10 system.


This will be rolling d10s, any roll of 8 and above is a success, you can rerolls 10s. Dice number will be decided by (base unit attack + level + bonuses) - (opponent defense value) +/- any circumstances. Bonuses apply from stack and leadership. A leadership bonus does not apply to the warlord doing the leading Magic weapons can also add bonuses.


These will have two values, dodge and parry, as calculated in exalted book, however essence will be replaced by bonuses. The formula will be (base DV value + level + bonuses) /2 rounded down. Highest current stat will be used, and highest stat will be seen in statovision.


? - partially governed by unit's level


Leadership Bonus

Governed directly by unit's level

Stack Bonus

Builds up to 8, without a warlord stacks autoattack until they win or die.


These will be governed by merits for PCs, templates for their troops.



Upkeep will be governed by the following rules:-
1. The base unit for upkeep is an infantry unit, at 10S per turn
2. When a unit levels it adds half its base upkeep, for example a level 9 piker = (10 + 5*8) = 50 schmuckers per turn
3. Warlords upkeep is 10 times that of an equivalent levelled unit, for example Jillian, a level 9 warlord (10+5*8)*10 = 500 schmuckers per turn
4. Special abilites such as Heavy, Flying etc can be added to a unit for an increase in upkeep.
5. If you have provisions, upkeep is reduced by 70% rounded up.

As stated elsewhere in canon, a warlords purse is level * 1000.

Upkeep per Turn Formula

Schmuckers per Turn = B*(1 + (L-1)/2)*W

Where B is the Base Unit Upkeep - the amount for a level 1 unit of that type. L is their level, and W is 10 if they are a warlord, 1 otherwise.

To calculate the B.U.U., see here.