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Caesar Borgata
Race: Transylvito Vampire
Faction: Transylvito
Class: Warlord
Rank and Titles: Ruler, Caesar, Viscount
Special: Leadership, Noble, Drain life, Flyer, Dance-Fighting


Caesar Borgata is the current ruler and former Chief Warlord of Transylvito. He was the third heir under Don King, and the first non-Royal one.

For choice and memorable utterances, see Quotes: Caesar Borgata.

Proposed Canon

"'Sweetheart, if you break your alliance right now, we will drink your blood over a peppy campfire tune. You're gonna shut up, sit down, and behave."

Strengths: Fighting, Tactics, Keeping Secrets, Loyalty and Duty

Weaknesses: No subtlety, Lack of finesse, Paranoia?

First Appearance: TBFGK 104

Prior to Caesar being named Heir Designate, there were two Royal Heirs, both of whom Don and the troops of Transylvito eventually found unsatisfactory before they croaked. Caesar was popped as the Viscount of VitalisErf-b1.5-p21Same-site.PNG, which made him a very minor Noble. He achieved his rise to power solely on personal merit. He is both a formidable fighter and a keen tactician. He is highly respected by all units on his side and has great Loyalty and Duty. Don King even admitted that Caesar is more popular with Transylvito's commanders than himself.

His position is now in doubt, because Don King has reconsidered the importance of Royalty, and is in the process of popping a new Royal Heir to replace Caesar. Caesar said that he and Don King used to understand one another, they could talk and had a good relationship. They now have some fundamental disagreements, which have destroyed the understanding. In particular, Caesar is opposed to Don's policy of rapidly building the power of Faq, because it has left Transylvito exposed to attack, losing cities and good people such as Broadway Tony and other Warlords. Caesar has grown to resent and despise Faq's Queen Jillian because of the investments being made for a woman he thinks is crazy and untrustworthy. Don believes that Caesar lacks the finesse and subtlety necessary to rule. He has therefore concluded that although Caesar may still have the qualities needed to be a very effective Chief Warlord, he is no longer a suitable heir. Don King has said that he was planning to 'retire' Caesar to manage a quiet level 2 city somewhere far away, but Caesar made it clear he felt that was an unjust reward.

With the order to pop a third Royal heir to replace him, Caesar feels betrayed by his King; he had already seriously suspected that he was set up when he was sent to retake Chocula. If he hadn't fought so well, he would have been croaked the turn before Don King announced the creation of a new Royal heir. Also in a time where their defenses are stretched so thin, the popping of a Royal heir requires vast resources and production capacity that he thinks could be far more wisely expended.

Don King has considered simply disbanding Caesar but has decided that course is unacceptable, because the loyalty and duty of all units on his side would suffer. If Caesar fell in battle it would be a different story, but Caesar is a very tough combatant. One of the few things that helps Caesar remain sane in the midst of this is his love affair with Bunny,Transylvito's Thinkamancer.Erf-b1.5-p47Same-site.PNG

After Parson Gotti stormed into the Transylvito portal and the threat of Transylvito being attacked either by Faq or Charlescomm grew, Caesar's relations with Don became even more tense. The chief warlord made some orders to his king, including not talking to Gotti, at the time the Don found them sound and, as the situation developed, convinced Caesar to lift them. Don King was almost ready to disband Caesar at many points of time and the issue reached its peak when Caesar made orders to his king again forbidding any interaction with Vanna. He didn't change his mind even after spending a night locked next to Vanna, having to listen to her side of the story. But just as Don King was about to clap his hands disbanding Caesar, Bunny used Thinkamancy to croak Don, dooming herself, but saving Caesar. Being a current heir designate, he became the ruler of Transylvito.

Caesar proceeds to align Transylvito with Gobwin Knob, and Parson offers to have Wanda decrypt Bunny and have her turn back to Transylvito.Hvs.tCF 219 While planning a rescue for Wanda, Caesar asks Parson to refrain from swearing, in return for Caesar's not smoking, as certain words give him a headache and make him queasy.Hvs.tCF 247

Personal Equipment

Caesar carries only two magic items.[1]



Bunny had a romantic relationship with Caesar, whom she referred to as "Squeeze" or "Squeezie." Any spare juice Bunny had at the end of turn was usually spent in communication with Caesar, Erf-b2-p26Same-site.PNG and the two engaged in liaisons whenever Caesar visited Transylvito.

It is unknown if anyone within Transylvito was aware of their affair, but they went to great lengths to keep it hidden. Caesar deliberately ignored Bunny whenever they were both in Don King's presence Erf-b3-p147Same-site.PNG, and they had a rule not to do anything together where anyone can see them. Erf-b3-p149Same-site.PNG In public, Caesar flirted with others like Dewy Tulips to throw off suspicion.

Queen Jillian

Caesar despises Jillian, whom he privately refers to as "the Wack from Faq", and is strongly opposed to Don King's policy of rapidly building the strength of Faq. Jillian dislikes Caesar because he was unwilling to give her the opportunity to find and croak Stanley.

Caesar's personal troubles began when he was assigned to meet with Count Vinny and a Barbarian Mercenary named Jillian. Jillian had made what Caesar regarded as the highly improbable claim that the ruins of three previously undetected cities existed close to Transylvito, and that Stanley planned to rebuild these cities after Gobwin Knob fell. Don King sent Caesar and a group of Warlords to investigate, to croak Stanley if he arrived where Jillian said he would be, and to claim the three cities for Transylvito, if they actually existed.

Caesar was deeply suspicious of Jillian from the beginning, and made it clear that he was in charge. Jillian and Caesar quickly developed an antipathy for one another. Part of the problem was that, unlike Vinny, Caesar was not particularly friendly towards the members of the RCC, and frankly seemed to care little about Stanley one way or the other.

Stanley did indeed make an appearance, but Caesar's ambush failed to croak him, because of Foolamancy and the combat power of the Arkenhammer. Two of Caesar's Warlords were croaked. Jillian then demanded that they pursue Stanley, but Caesar rejected her demand, because they would never find him while he had a Foolamancer. Caesar intended instead to claim the three ruined cities as he had been sent to do. Later when he informed Jillian that Ansom and all of the other members of the RCC army had been mysteriously croaked, she attempted to croak him in a fit of rage. If not for Vinny's interference he probably would have croaked her on the spot.

He may have regretted not doing so, because the next morning he received a change of orders from Don King. He was now ordered to escort Jillian to Transylvito, and to treat her as a Royal as he did so. Whatever dealings Caesar had with the two Royals who preceded him as Heir had left him with a rather low view of Royals in general, so he followed his orders from Don in the most sarcastic way possible. When he arrived in Transylvito, he learned that Don not only intended to allow Jillian to claim the three city sites, but to give her a significant amount of money to rebuild them. This was only the first of the money transfers to Faq which Don has authorized, and to which Caesar is deeply opposed.

When Jillian left the battle for Jetstone, Caesar ordered Vinny to begin listing every military asset Faq had. His current intention is to take the side.

Don King

Don King is used to being disappointed by his Heirs. He did not get along with his Royal daughter, and his Royal son tried to have him assassinated. So after both of his children were croaked, he decided to change how his kingdom was organized and simplified things. He dropped some of the fru-fru of nobility and kept what was useful. He appointed a minor Noble named Caesar Borgata as his Chief Warlord and Heir, Don King said he did so because Caesar earned it. At first, Caesar seemed much better qualified to rule than either of Don's children had been. He was a very capable Chief Warlord and earned the respect of Transylvito's Warlords and troops on his own merits and accomplishments.

However, following the Battle for Gobwin Knob, Don King has again started to rethink the importance of royalty. Stanley claims a titanic mandate and that royalty is obsolete. Especially after the croaking of Queen Bea of Unaroyal, he places much greater importance of royalty. Unfortunately now he has a low ranking noble as an heir. The close relationship the two enjoyed before the Battle for Gobwin Knob has been divided by disagreement. Caesar is opposed to Don King bleeding all of Transylvito's resources to Faq. Transylvito is threatened on all sides because they can no longer defend themselves against kingdoms like Carpool who previously posed no threat.

In Don's view, Caesar doesn't appreciate the magnitude of the problem posed by Gobwin Knob. Don is probably also aware that Caesar feels a bitter antagonism towards Queen Jillian of Faq, despite the fact that Don has made it clear Jillian plays an important role in his plans. Don has rethought the wisdom of downplaying the importance of royalty and appointing Caesar heir designate. He has decided to pop a new Royal Heir to take Caesar's place. Don has not yet communicated with Caesar whether he will also be replaced as Chief Warlord. Caesar seriously suspects that Don tried to have him croaked by sending him with a small force on a suicidal attack against a heavily defended Chocula. Don himself openly hopes Caesar will be croaked in the near future on his increasingly dangerous missions.

Parson Gotti

Having first met as an interrogator and a prisoner, two Chief Warlords were initially not very fond of one another. However, getting to know Parson's genius, Caesar found a great deal of respect for him. He was ready to trust Parson's judgements in strategy questions relating to fighting Charlescomm, such as sending Vanna away and not letting her meddle with Don King within the city of Transylvito.


He is probably at least level 8, as he was quite unfazed by Jillian's dagger-attack. (She was then level 9).

As a Viscount, he was lower in social station than a Count like Vinny Doombats.

Real World References

  • His name is likely a reference to Cesare Borgia, whose title was 'Duke Valentino' (he's in love with Bunny Velvetino). It may also be a reference to the major Atlantic City casinos Caesars Palace and Borgata, perhaps because of the regional accents of Transylvito units and the widely-perceived connection between the gambling industry and organized crime in New Jersey.
  • Another possible reference is to Roman emperor Julius Caesar, whose family was from the patrician class and he won much glory for his home kingdom. When ordered back to Rome and told to leave his men behind, Julius instead brought his men along and took over, a possible parallel to Borgata's dissatisfaction with Don's rule. Julius' men were very loyal due to Julius' knack for winning and his treatment of them, which is how Transylvito's Warlords seem to view Caesar Borgata.
  • Caesar's raiment upon becoming the ruler of Transylvito – black coat with red trim, white undershirt, and red gemstone necklace – resembles Dante in DmC: Devil May Cry.
Preceded by:
Prince Ponzie
Chief Warlord of Transylvito Succeeded by:
Vinny Doombats

Preceded by:
Don King
Ruler of Transylvito Succeeded by:
None, incumbent


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