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Race: Twoll
Faction: Gobwin Knob
Class: Heavy Unit, Henchman
Level: 1
Move: ?
Special: Fabrication

Proposed Canon

"S'a feeg."

Strengths: Fabrication

Weaknesses: Enunciation

First Appearance: LIAB Prologue 2

Zhopa is a twoll placed in charge of the garrison larder within a few turns of the Battle for Gobwin Knob. He is not a decrypted twoll: he was Popped on one of the first two turns after Gobwin Knob was rebuilt. Zhopa serves Parson Gotti figs and then fabricates a picnic basket for him. Zhopa also indicates to Parson that he might be able to fabricate chairs. Zhopa is first described in LIAB Prologue 2. An illustration for him appeared later, done by Xin. It was also the first piece of Xin's art posted.

Later, after providing Stanley with a sandwich, he finds himself promoted to Stanley's personal service. Like Bogroll he has been promoted from Henchman to Lackey. LIAB Text 49

Real World References

His name is a Russian vulgarity for "ass", which is also used as an insult in much the same way the American English word "ass" is used. He appears to speak with an accent that would be considered Russian or Slavic on Earth.

In the illustration retroactively appended to the update in which he debuts, Zhopa bears a striking resemblance to Zangief of the Street Fighter series. One notable difference is that Zangief's skin has massive scars (from wrestling with bears), while Zhopa currently has no scars.