Woodsy Elves

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Woodsy Elf
Race: Elf
Tribe: Woodsy Elves
Faction: Natural Ally
Class: Archer
Special: Forest-capable, Archery

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: TBFGK 21

Woodsy Elves are an Elf brand, a type of Natural ally. They are Forest-capable Archers TBFGK 57 and stand as tall as Giants. LIAB Prologue 28 They are also good at foraging. Hvs.tCF 83

During the Battle for Gobwin Knob they were a part of the Royal Crown Coalition (along with 7 other varieties of Elves). TBFGK 86:10 The Woodsy Elves were one of the few Elf varieties who followed Odie Ose's advice to flee the battle and survived as a result. The survivors joined Juggle Elves. Hvs.tCF 83

Known Woodsy Elves


The only Woodsy Elf named in the First Book was Tarfu.

They are the only forest-capable units (along with Gumps) in the CoalitionErf-b1-p046aSame-site.PNG. It is not clear whether that gives them any bonus in forest terrain or simply allows them to move in forest terrain at all.

They also seem to be archers.Erf-b1-p021Same-site.PNG, Erf-b1-p057Same-site.PNG and Erf-b1-p059Same-site.PNG

Woodsy elves are a clear analog to "Wood Elves" or "Sylvan" elves of other sources. This makes it likely that they receive no negatives due to wooded terrain (commonly movement and archery based deficiencies), and may even receive a significant combat bonus when fighting non-woodsy opponents in a forest hex. They also are likely the best (or nearly best) archers among all regular units on erfworld.

Woodsy elves most likely can only pop in forest hexes, and probably are unimpressive in combat without their forest-based bonuses. Their archery is likely still serviceable anywhere, however.

Real World References

They are a pun on wood elves, commonly found on fantasy literature.