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Proposed Canon

Woodshole is or was a Royal side created by Alvin, son of Dairious I, said to be a grandson of one of the first Queens, Lunesta. It is said that Jetstone is descended from this side.

Former Inhabitants

  • King Alvin, founded the side, snuffed it long ago.
  • King Theodore, father of Simon, unlikely to be among the living after all this time.
  • Prince Simon, founded Graceland.


Woodshole, woods hole, perhaps the side's capital was surrounded by forests?

The side's name may also suggest the side was created as a buffer state. Or even that it possessed a powerful navy

Real World References

Woodshole appears to be a portmanteau the words 'wood' and 'shole' which appears to refer to a plank placed beneath an object to protect it from injury. The name could also mean a hole in or of wood (such as alvin the chipmunk might live in), or more strangely, a shoal of wood.

There is also a Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, strengthening the possible nautical connection.