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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Hvs.tCF 138

The Wonky Wrench is a magic item possessed by Dirtamancer Ivan Poe. It was created by him and Charlie in a Carnymancy/Dirtamancy caster link and has power almost comparable to an Arkentool. The Wonky Wrench expands a Dirtamancer's craft to be able to do things ordinary Dirtamancy cannot do, such as manipulate bedrock and route traps through portals. It is also capable of snapping manacles.

The Wonky Wrench was used to rig Charlie's portal to allow non-casters to pass through.Hvs.tCF 197 When this ability was exposed to the public, it was ruled OP, although the details of it being partly a Carnymancy item are not yet publicly known.

After Ivan was taken prisoner following the battle of Portal Park, the Wonky Wrench was confiscated by the Dirtamancers and held in the Dirtamansion. Claud Gauntlet retrieved the Wrench using an action figure, and Ivan used the Wrench to escape and tunnel to Charlie's hidden Magic Kingdom under-bedrock bunker. Once Claud and Ivan were remotely croaked by Great MindsHvs.tCF 210, the wrench came into possession of the action figure again – who was under Charlie's control through the Arkendish. The golem was able to operate the wrench too, preparing the destruction of the Temple of the Thinkamancers and possibly using it on the base of Charlescomm's portal. Eventually decrypted Ivan and Claud reclaimed the wrench back and it remained in Ivan's possessionHvs.tCF 242 until he dropped it when forced to link up with DeisaacHvs.tCF 265.