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Some drink to remember, she drinks to forget that one Thinkagram.

Proposed Canon

Winemancy is how units in Erfworlds get drunk. It's colloquially believed Winemancy has three stages, and that it's a kind of Stagemancy that helps the drinker "put on a show."[1] Despite the name, it's not an actual discipline or branch of magic, though similar to love it has strange and unquantifiable levels and effects.

Erfworlders enjoy alcoholic beverages as much as Stupidworlders do; drinking them socially in mead hall's, banquet halls, palaces, and on picnics. There's a wide variety available, from low grade and plentiful varieties of wine to fine cognac. It's also drunk alone by the troubled, much as Caesar Borgata did in Transylvito's Dungeon after the fall of the city of Spacerock.[2]

Drinking too much can cause incapacitation and vomiting. It's unknown if it has any lasting effects past the same day it's drunk, like hangovers. Some types of alcoholic beverages are of such a low grade they're called "slow poison", and drunk by those not interested in living much longer. It's unknown if this means alcoholism exists in Erfworld in a manner similar to Heroine bud addiction, or if it's strictly Signamancy associated with those who've become hopeless.

Large cities, especially capitals and palaces, may have wine cellars or keep it in larders. It's been mentioned that Vineyards are associated with Winemaking.[3]

The Stages

  • Stage 0: Sobriety.
  • Stage 1: Laughing along with everyone else.
  • Stage 2: Finding ones voice and sharing stories.
  • Stage 3: Getting sentimental and weepy.
  • Stage 4: Vomiting, exhaustion, headaches, and/or passing out.[4]

Known Wineamancy Beverages


Thanks to Dawn and Cleansing, Erfworlders probably don't have hangovers, though the effects of fatigue from not sleeping well may carry over into next turn.

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