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Current Organization

Currently page are sorted into one of 113 Categories. Of those 16 are not subcategories (see Special:UncategorizedCategories).

The wiki is organized according to a Tree System with the main page as a root. Each page about something general has links to things more specific. i.e. Main Page -> mechanics -> magic -> thinkamancy -> thinkagram. We use redundant trees to organize by multiple paradigms.


  • Without knowing the wiki's contents well, it should be easy to get a sense of what's here.
    • There should be an intuitive path from the main page to most of the contents, without being specifically aware of the contents already.
  • Categories should be categorized. Each Category should have a browsable number of pages and sub-categories
  • Pages should not have redundant categories. For instance if some thing is a stat and a mechanic, it only needs to be included in the stat category; because that category itself is within mechanics and implies it's members are to.


These are the paradigms in use to organize the wiki. With each paradigm is a short list of example categories to provide an idea of how the paradigm characterizes the pages.

Subject based

Origin based