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Special: Mount, Siege

Proposed Canon

Wiener-Rammer are a non-humanoid mount unit with siege capabilities.

They can be used to breach gatesErf-b1-p126Same-site.PNG Erf-b1-p127Same-site.PNG and thinner wallsErf-b1-p133Same-site.PNG.


It is stated in the Gobwin Knob entry that only light units could enter the tunnels. Yet a FoxMUD Wiener-Rammer did enter the tunnels, attacked Parson Gotti, and was summarily croaked by him (much to the shock of the FoxMUD Warlord commanding it). This implies that Wiener-Rammers should be classified as a Light unit, yet also have a high damage attack comparable to a heavier unit. This is logical considering that they seem to be designed specifically to force breaches in gates and walls. However, it should be noted that Weiner-Rammers may not necessarily be Light units simply because of this incident, as Sizemore did state that the tunnels were "So porous anyone could walk in." This may mean that Level 1 tunnels allow any size units in, even Heavies.

Apparently resistant to being uncroaked under normal circumstances, even by a Master Croakamancer. This may be a common feature of being a mount or a siege unit, or may be special to the Wiener-Rammer, but can be decrypted by an attuned user of the Arkenpliers.Erf-b1-p146Same-site.PNG

Known Users

Royal Crown Coalition - apparently provided by FoxMUD since a Wiener-Rammer is used as a mount by a FoxMUD unit (apparently a Warlord).Erf-b1-p133Same-site.PNG

That said, Wanda Firebaugh has shown that she can decrypt a Wiener-Rammer, and there is at least one on the side of Gobwin Knob when the city is rebuilt after its fall.Erf-b1-p146Same-site.PNG

Real World References

  • "Wiener" is a German word for something or somebody from Vienna, but it has multiple meaning (including hot dog)
  • Carries resemblance to an elongated dachshund (wiener dog) with ram's horns
  • Probably a pun on the Weimaraner breed of dog
  • When ramming, one the onomatopoeia was "YTMND," a reference to the phrase "You're the man now, dog," a phrase made popular in the movie "Finding Forrester" and subsequently the subject of various Internet memes.