War of the Arkentools

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Proposed Canon

The War of the Arkentools is the name given by the Royal Crown Coalition to the conflict that followed the Battle for Gobwin Knob.


The reasoning behind the name is the concept that the conflict hinges on the holders of the Arkentools seek to conquer the Royal sides.

This concept originated in the conflict between Stanley the Tool and Gobwin Knob and Prince Ansom and Jetstone. Stanley was an Overlord and was neither Royal nor noble, and controlled the Arkenhammer. Ansom believed in the Titanic mandate of Royals to rule.

This was compounded when Parson Gotti played up the idea that Stanley's attunement to the Arkenhammer was a Titanic mandate that placed him above Royals, and the dramatic victory of Gobwin Knob over Jetstone and their Coalition, including the capturing of the Arkenpliers from Ansom.

After the battle, Ansom's father, King Slately, began re-establishing a coalition to defeat Stanley, and began (or continued) to defame Charlie (also an Overlord attuned to an Arkentool) to other sides, and colored him as an ally of Gobwin Knob. But at the Siege of Spacerock, Charlie made it quite clear that he too sought Gobwin Knob's demise.

With Charlescomm and Gobwin Knob now in open war, this phrase will likely take on an entirely new meaning.