Wonderful Royal Expeditionary Company of Doom

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First Proposed: IPTSF Text 33

First Named: IPTSF Text 35

Proposed Canon

The Wonderful Royal Expeditionary Company of Doom, also known as the WRECD, was a small band of mercenaries sent forth by the bubble side of Faq in the hopes of finding a lost Capital Site to allow the Side to survive the Predicted loss of it's Capital and King.

The company was composed of a few dozen archers and stabbers mounted on Gwiffons as well as every Warlord at King Banhammer's command. They were led to their doom by Princess Jillian Zamussels.

An ill-advised attempt to circumnavigate the Side of Haffaton led the WRECD to the discovery of the apparently defenceless Haffaton City Diecast.IPTSF Text 35 The City was sacked but the company was annihilated as a result, slain or taken in its entirety. Worse, the Lady Wanda Firebaugh was able to observe members of the WRECD in secret before the city was razed, their presence having been detected.IPTSF Text 38

The expedition was opposed by Chief Jillian who favoured war with Haffaton. She was overruled after her Side's Predictamancer Marie Lavraie refined her Prediction relating to Faq's destruction.IPTSF Text 33

Known Members