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Chieftain Vurp
Race: Hobgobwin
Faction: Natural Ally of Charlescomm (formerly Gobwin Knob)
Class: Knight
Rank and Titles: Chieftain
Special: Dance-Fighting


Vurp is a Hobgobwin from Gobwin Knob, and rose to become a member of the Knights In Stanley's Service. He was selected by Stanley, as one of the top three Knights among the KISS, to accompany him on his mission to claim Faq, and of the three, was the only survivor of their encounter with the forces of Transylvito, and returned to Gobwin Knob with Stanley, Jack Snipe and the six remaining Dwagons.Erf-b1.5-p003Same-site.PNG

After the battle, Vurp was the only surviving Hobgobwin allied with Gobwin Knob. Through their alliance with Vurp, they were able to reconstitute their Hobgobwin forces (with him as Chief), but not able to establish a new alliance with another Gobwin tribe.

Proposed Canon

Strengths: Survival, Combat, Following Orders

Weaknesses: Talking About His Feelings, Honesty

First Appearance: TBFGK 77

When questioned by Parson about the overthrow of King Saline IV, Vurp lied to Parson. He has felt guilty about this ever since. He feels proud of having been the last of his tribe, and having that tribe become strong again. He trusts Parson, but finds him to be strange. He has mixed feelings about Stanley.

Vurp is likely the last unit left with firsthand experience of King Saline's death. Stanley was absent on a special mission and had taken several casters with him. All of the other Gobwins and Hobgobwins have been killed.

Vurp has killed a Transylvito warlord, in the battle of the Faq Gap.

After Vanna casts a spell called binding arbitration,Erf-b3-p16Same-site.PNG he is coerced into betraying Gobwin Knob and allying with Charlescomm in order to try assassinating Stanley.Erf-b3-p18Same-site.PNG


Given that a blue dwagon is seen with a rider retreating with Stanley and Jack in TBFGK page 116, panel 3, and there were only three Knights in Stanley's Service in the battle group heading toward Faq riding a green, blue and purple dwagon (seen in TBFGK page 111, panel 11, then it is likely that the Knight dance-fighting with a Transylvito vampire on the back of the blue dwagon on TBFGK page 113, panel 3 is Vurp. It is also likely that this hobgobwin is Vurp and survived the battle, because the mustachioed Transylvito vampire is not seen in subsequent comics, implying that Vurp won the knife fight we see below. Vurp also appeared later in the comics.

This Knight in Stanley's Service may be Vurp.

Although he is never named, the "suspendered, mustachioed" Transylvito warlord, who Vurp may have killed, is "Super Mario" and a warlord per the Book I p113 text file of the script. It is noted he strongly resembles "Mario" from the very successful Mario Brothers video games and Mario Puzo is the author of "The Godfather" which ties in with Transylvito's Cosa Nostra tones. Also, our dear authors appear to love triangulated puns for their character names or perhaps it's just that their fans like finding them.

Real World Reference

The word "Vurp" is a slang portmanteau of vomit and burp, and refers to when you burp a little vomit into your mouth.