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Race: Men
Faction: Transylvito (formerly Unaroyal)
Class: Caster (Turnamancer)
Rank and Titles: Duchess
Special: Noble

Proposed Canon

"You show me your Motion, and I'll show you mine?"

Strengths: Turning Stuff, Looking Good, Espionage, Seduction

Weaknesses: Eloquence, Prejudice

First Appearance: LIAB Prologue 22 (Named), LIAB Prologue 28 (Action), LIAB 21 (Seen)

Duchess Vanna is a Transylvitan Turnamancer. Originally in the service of Unaroyal, she pledged to Queen Bea that she would only work for Royal sides. She became a barbarian upon Unaroyal's dissolution, and worked under contract for Faq. Later still, she turned to Transylvito.Erf-b3-p205Same-site.PNG

She decreased the time needed to pop Faq's heir Prince Albert by 20 turns, as well as increasing production in Faq's other two cities. She also successfully turned Duncan Scone to Faq. Despite this she had no Loyalty to Faq, viewing Jillian as "a barbarian bully with a battle crown." Erf-b3-p160Same-site.PNG

Vanna is also known to do contract work for Charlie, although not formally being a unit of Charlescomm.Erf-b3-p152Same-site.PNG During the Battle of Jetstone, she prematurely ended Gobwin Knob's turn while linked with Charlie. She later linked with Charlie for the second time to turn Stanley's hobgobwin knights.Erf-b3-p18Same-site.PNG She leveled once in those two link ups.Erf-b3-p152Same-site.PNG

Charlie paid Jillian to hire Vanna and send her to Transylvito, ostensibly to help Don King's heir pop, but in actuality to engage in "espionage and seduction stuff" relating to their apprehension of Parson. After discovering her true purpose, Caesar ordered her imprisoned. But Don King offered her the chance to join Transylvito, which she accepted.

She describes herself as being "kind of in love with her discipline".Erf-b3-p152Same-site.PNG

She was in a sexual relationship with Duncan, who was emotionally agitated when Jillian sent Vanna away on a mission and even more so when he learned she'd turned to Transylvito. She does not appear to have feelings for him, describing him as "a fine warlord and a good man, but at the turn's end... not even a noble." Erf-b3-p160Same-site.PNG The nookie probably began as a Turnamancy seduction (and might even continue to be so).

She also engaged in nookie with Don King shortly after arriving in Transylvito, although "she did not find him remotely attractive".Erf-b3-p160Same-site.PNG


From the colors of her outfit — those of Unaroyal — it looks like she popped there. She also describes herself as "the last daughter of Unaroyal." Erf-b3-p160Same-site.PNG She seems to have a hatred of Stanley and Gobwin Knob just like Jojo does.

Real World References

Vanna is a reference to Vanna White of Wheel of Fortune fame. Before 1997, the letters on the puzzle board were printed on rotating triangular prisms that were turned manually by White. Vanna is also described as having an "elegant hand gesture" that "comes naturally" to her. Erf-b3-p160Same-site.PNG (Since 1997, the puzzle board has used computer monitors with touch screens. White still is the hostess of Wheel of Fortune but she no longer turns the letters.)

While wearing her cloak, Vanna has the appearance of a White Mage from the Final Fantasy series of RPGs. This is another allusion to the name 'Vanna White'.

Her appearance when casting binding arbitration is based on Cammy from Street Fighter.