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Greetings - Also Citations Methodology

Hi Spicymancer! I see you've got a long history here and it's nice to see you editing again. It'll be nice if you're back for a while, as I think there are about 4 active editors right now. I'm relatively new to Erfwiki myself. I've been trying to do some organizational things, like splitting up First Intermission between the books. I'm looking at Template:Erf to see if I can't fix it next-ish.
I was wondering if you had a specific reason for doing comic citations using ref/note for simple comic article links? I've been using {{ref|[[Article]]}}, and so have most of the other editors I've seen. I know it leaves a longer link in the superscript, "[1]" vs. "TBFGK Text 1" for example. However, the citation method seems like it would cause confusion when there's more than a couple citations, and the reader isn't sure which one they were sent to click, unless they remember the number and count it out. I'd think ref/notes are better reserved for longer notes in the article, like reference explanations on the comic pages. But I thought I'd ask and see if there's something I'm missing. I wouldn't want to edit your links without a consensus, but I think general consistency would be a good thing.
--Red (talk) 17:08, 23 December 2014 (UTC)

I remember seeing the format on longer pages, like you said, so I've been trying to use it to help standardize across the wiki. I find it looks cleaner, and helps when you're citing the same source multiple times on the same page. Still, for a short article without many citations like this one it can stand. I don't know that I'll making a big permanent comeback, but I'll try to keep popping by. --Spicymancer (talk) 01:28, 24 December 2014 (UTC)