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Technical Plans - Request for Input

You might have noticed in the recent changes log I did a little work to split the First Intermission up between books, which involved poking a lot of the templates used for making the articles for pages. I have a background in software development, and I'm getting increasingly comfortable with the way the templates work here. I have a few ideas of things I want to fix and improve in that area, and I'm open to requests if there's anything that just doesn't work the way you'd like. Feel free to create a new subsection right here and ask.

--Red (talk) 05:41, 22 December 2014 (UTC)

Pager templates

Template:Pager, Template:Pager int, and Template:Pager nopic. These templates are pretty similar, with code that's likely to diverge if the same changes aren't made to each. I'd like to merge these into Pager and add an optional parameter for int nor nopic, for example {{pager|Epilogue 1|TBFGK|int}}. The other two could call the merged template until someone decided to go on a binge and change all of the calls.

Anything else on anyone's wishlist for the pager functionality? I know I'd like to add a link to the archive from each page. Unfortunately, I think that will probably require a new parameter on the *_page_info templates. Something like url=number, for whatever the /book/number is in the url for the archive. This would mean one extra thing to enter for each new page, so I'd like some feedback before I muck with that.

--Red (talk) 05:41, 22 December 2014 (UTC)

Erf template

Speaking of archive links, I've got my eye on Template:Erf to fix it somehow. Honestly I think it might be best to make all of these links point to their wiki page, especially once those wiki pages would have an archive link. But instead of doing a mass edit to fix every call to the template, I'm going to try and get the template to spit out a link to the appropriate wiki page.

--Red (talk) 05:41, 22 December 2014 (UTC)

Heir Transitions Worksheet

Working out how side falls and heir promotions work functionally. I'm currently updating Fall, and I intend to work on Heir, Ruler, and Side with relevant information when this is straightened out.

The basics seem to be that the side depends specifically on the Ruler, and will survive even with no cities (pending upkeep from Purse) usually. However if a Ruler did not start the turn as Ruler, then the side falls with the last city.

~denotes hypothetical situations

Wanda Firebaugh

  • -(promoted)-> Heir
    • -(Firebaugh croaked)-> Overlady
      • -(cities fall same turn)-> Barbarian

Princess Jillian

  • -(captured, released)-> Still Heir
  • -(~Banhammer turn to Haffaton)-> Barbarian ?
  • -(Fall of Faq to Stanley)-> Barbarian
      • ?(Seemingly no temporary Queenhood between Banhammer's croaking and razing of Kibo and Otoh)
    • -(Reclaim's Faq's capital site)-> Queen of Faq

King Banhammer

  • -(flees fall of Faq)-> Still King
  • -(~turn to Haffaton)-> Fall of Faq

Stanley (Chief Warlord)

  • -(Designated Heir to Saline IV)-> Heir
    • -(Saline IV croaked, GK city/capital falls)-> Overlord Stanley
      • -(fled to Faq site, ~GK captured)-> Still Overlord

Prince Tramennis

  • -(promoted)-> Heir
  • -(Slately" croaked)-> King
    • -(cities survive)-> Still King
    • -(~cities fall same turn)-> Barbarian, fall of Jetstone?

Dame Olive Branch

  • -(Judy leaves)-> Overlady
    • -(captured on turn)-> Still Overlady
      • -(~end of turn)-> Fall of Haffaton
      • -(~turns to Faq)-> Fall of Haffaton
      • -(croaked)-> Fall of Haffaton, High Elves continue turn

Plan for Faq's Homeward Blitz / Other Battle Clean Up

I've created Battle of Binding Arbitration as a stub with the battle template filled out, and deadlinks to Faq's Homeward Blitz and Razing of Bohica. I'm not married to these names if anyone wants to propose a rename/move. I do think Battle of Binding Arbitration is clever given the spell that was a turning point, and it was ended with a contractual truce.

I intend to create Faq's Homeward Blitz as a new item in Wars of Stanley the Tool, and add articles for the attacks on Progrock, Brookstone, and Bohica in addition to the Battle of Binding Arbitration, which I'll fill out before long eventually, if no one else gets to it first. I'll probably try to clean up some of the general categorization of battles while I'm at it.

Someone let me know if I'm overreaching or stepping on any toes. I only see like 3 or 4 active editors lately, without much recent activity on the Erfwiki portals.

Scratchpad Notes for Faq's Homeward Blitz

Book:Page: Notes; @=Attack
2:10: 26 gwiffon, 6 megalo -Ossomer
2:T6: Jillian + 3 Warlords
2:16: 8 megalo, 18+ gwiffon
2:T11: Duncan, Lord Bobtail, Belzon
2:23: 10 Megalo
2:30: @Brookstone + @Progrock
2:34: No Faq losses at Spacerock
2:T32: @Progrock
2:T43: @Progrock, L1 Lord DeTrop, no commander defense
2:E20: @Brookstone, overnight
2:E21: ~5 turns home (turns out 6) (96, 63)
3:3: @Bohica
3:5: Plan for @Orgchart + @Warchalking + ?Greenwashing
3:11: Full prisoners
3:12: 24 GK repatriated, 4 Faq slain
3:13: Duncan, Vanna, Belzon in forward stack
3:14: Stanley on Armored Blue,
     8 Knights on 8 dwagons, green, yellow, purple, pink, 2 red, 2 blue
     4 megalo, 12 gwiffons (112 prisoners)
     L10 Jillian, L3 Warlord, L6 Duncan, L2 Belzon
3:15: Duncan's stack lost except him, Vanna, and Megalo
3:18: Vurp + Hobgobwin's defected to Charlescomm
3:26: >= 6 GK infantry
3:31: 21 other prisoners returned from Faq