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General Chatter

Hi there! It is very nice to see you here! :) -- Muzzafar 04:22, 29 April 2009 (UTC)

(Did some cleanup on old messages).

Proposed Style Guide For TBFGK Pages

This is the style I've developed for my entries, offered as a proposed style guide:

Basic Category Tags

Suggested standard tags for pages and frames. The "Summer2009" pages have one image each, so the issue of separate frame annotations does not arise.

[[Category:Page Annotation/TBFGK]]
[[Category:Page Annotation/First Intermission]]

[[Category:Frame Annotation/TBFGK]]

Linkback for Text/Description Pages

Each Text and Description subpage should have a pointer back to the frame page -- include the following as the first line of the page:

<noinclude>{{subpage}}[[Category:Frame Contents]]</noinclude>

(The [[Category:Frame Contents]] is simply there to categorize the Text and Description pages so they don't clog up the "Uncategorized Pages" list, thus obscuring other pages in need of classification.)

Wiki Link Words

Generally, significant terms and character names should be linked to their wiki pages at their first appearance in each Text or Description section. (Exception: For Text pages, the speaker headings get linked even if it's not the first occurence of the name and even if the same speaker name shows up more than once.)

Character Names & Speaker Headings

Common character names with canonical (i.e. direct links without redirection) links to their wiki pages. Low priority, but in general it's best practice to minimize the need to resort to redirects:

[[Stanley the Tool|Stanley]]
[[Wanda Firebaugh|Wanda]]
[[Parson Gotti|Parson]]
[[Sizemore Rockwell|Sizemore]]
[[Jack Snipe|Jack]]
[[Prince Ansom|Ansom]]
[[Vinny Doombats|Vinny]]
[[Jillian Zamussels|Jillian]]
[[Sir Webinar|Webinar]]

Speaker Headings for some major characters (each with Name: in bold and canonically linked):

'''[[Stanley the Tool|Stanley]]:''' 
'''([[Eyebook]]) [[Stanley the Tool|OverLord1]]:''' 
'''[[Wanda Firebaugh|Wanda]]:''' 
'''([[Eyebook]]) [[Wanda Firebaugh|Wanda]]:''' 
'''[[Parson Gotti|Parson]]:''' 
'''([[Eyebook]]) [[Parson Gotti|LordHamster]]:''' 
'''[[Sizemore Rockwell|Sizemore]]:''' 
'''([[Eyebook]]) [[Sizemore Rockwell|ImInUrDirtz]]:''' 
'''[[Prince Ansom|Ansom]]:''' 
'''[[Vinny Doombats|Vinny]]:''' 
'''[[Jillian Zamussels|Jillian]]:''' 
'''[[Sir Webinar|Webinar]]:''' 
'''([[Eyebook]]) [[Charlie|CharlsNChrg]]:''' 

Proposed Reference Style

For Talk/Description Pages

Enter the following footnote pointer into the text where appropriate, using an easily remembered name that will correspond to the name of the linked footnote.


Don't bother entering the footnotes into the Text/Description page itself. These pages are designed as data entry points, not final pages for reading; adding copies of footnotes here is a complication for little benefit.

For Panel-View Pages

Enter footnotes as follows:

#{{note|NameOfRef}}Text of footnote.

For Page-View Pages

Enter footnotes as follows:

#{{note|NameOfRef}}Text of footnote.


Using Page 133, Frame 6 as an example:

The current TBFGK 133:6/Description page reads:

<noinclude>{{subpage}}[[Category:Frame Contents]]</noinclude>
The [[Wiener-Rammer|wiener-rammer]] rears up and bares its teeth as the [[FoxMUD]]
trooper{{ref|ZiggyStardust}} pulls the reins with one hand and brandishes a sword
with the other. In the foreground, [[Parson Gotti|Parson]] raises his own sword.
[[Maggie]] stands behind him, her hands glowing with violet-tinged energy as she
prepares a [[spell]].

The current TBFGK 133:6/Text page reads:

<noinclude>{{subpage}}[[Category:Frame Contents]]</noinclude>
'''[[FoxMUD]] Trooper:''' Target the [[Warlord]]!

'''[[Parson Gotti|Parson]]:''' Oh, man. Learn by doing...

'''[[Maggie]]:''' Hoboken.{{ref|Hadoken}}

The current TBFGK 133:6 page (frame view of Page 133, Panel 6) reads:


#{{note|ZiggyStardust}}The appearance of the [[FoxMUD]] trooper (particularly the
red lighting bolt down the face) is a reference to [ Ziggy Stardust],
a persona created by [ David Bowie] during the
early 1970s.
#{{note|Hadoken}}This is a reference to the [ "hadouken"]
attack from the ''Street Fighter'' games, in which a pulse of "ki" energy is sent flying
at an opponent.

The current TBFGK 133 (page view of Page 133) reads:


#{{note|SafetyDance}} [ "The Safety Dance"] was
a 1982 single by the group [ "Men Without Hats"].
#{{note|ZiggyStardust}}The appearance of the [[FoxMUD]] trooper (particularly the red lighting
bolt down the face) is a reference to [ Ziggy Stardust], a persona created
by [ David Bowie] during the early 1970s.
#{{note|Hadoken}}This is a reference to the [ "hadouken"]
attack from the ''Street Fighter'' games, in which a pulse of "ki" energy is sent flying at an
#{{note|Quern}}A [ "quern"] is a stone used for
#{{note|YyyyeeEAAAAhhhh}}This panel is a reference to [
the opening scene of CSI Miami] in which David Caruso delivers a one-liner and then "Won't Get
Fooled Again" by The Who starts playing.

Summer Updates

I have created the a new template Pager_int, which is just the standard pager template with stuff removed. It would be possible to add additional parameters to the pager template, but that is probably more effort than it is worth. The first page is at TBFGK Epilogue 1 --Raphfrk 20:44, 4 June 2009 (UTC)


Why did you change the speculation? Isn't that why we have it? I thought it was a fairly plausible notion, despite the gaming nature of the world. - NemFX 07:24, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

Er.... which speculation? SteveMB 10:38, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

Ansom -NemFX 18:00, 6 June 2009 (UTC)


Steve, I really admire you for the monotonous changes to the TBFGK pages you've been doing. Do make certain it doesn't drive you insane. --Kreistor 03:28, 28 June 2009 (UTC)

Thanks. I wrote an EditPad pro script that does a lot of the basic cleanup stuff (like adding a category tag to Text/Description so we don't have a huge pile of clutter obscuring actual Uncategorized pages in need of tags), so it's mostly mechanical cutting-and-pasting. SteveMB 03:32, 28 June 2009 (UTC)


Response from my talk page: There might have to be some tweaking on the templates to get them to work, but it shouldn't do anything major. We'd just be adding in a namespace tag in the middle of the URL like changing [[TBFGK 138:3]] to [[Comic:TBFGK_138:3]]. So links would be updated (and the auto-generated links in the pages). So, figure a week or two of upheaval while things get moved and then it should be fine. --Ichthus (eyeBook) 20:11, 19 June 2009 (UTC)

Annotations references need a new standard

In my Newbie NSHO: The references standard isn't really working, since folks don't pay attention to the standard. And even if they do, they can make mistakes that don't get fixed. I don't know how to fix that. I've gone through 100 pages of annotations, and found dozens of cases of missing panel annotation references, and page/panel annotation skew (when one footnote is updated but not copied to the other). I've also probably overlooked several cases. It's an impossible task.

If there were some sort of subpage for the panel that had the footnote, the footnote subpages could be glommed together in the same way the panel text is done. But then we'd need to have a macro that showed the =====Notes===== section only when there was some text in the footnotes. That's wikitude way above my pay grade.

If there were some sort of bot that scanned the Annotations pages for differences between the page-by-page and panel-by-panel notes, it might at least be feasible to repair the damage that we continually inflict. Again, I have no botmancy.

Anyway, this is raising the issue, in case you or anyone else has the chops to attack it.–Dan Hoeytalk 03:46, 6 December 2009 (UTC)