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You are putting a lot of speculation into proposed canon.

I'm sorry you think so, because I've been trying to be careful. You said, in part, on the talk: Faq Gap page:

"Okay, this is how it works. If someone pulls off your material and corrects it or says it doesn't belong, you discuss it here. I may be wrong about something here, and I would be happy to see some evidence of that. But the newest information we have is that Giants can get into the kingdom on their own. There is a "the" gap. There are tunnels. Transylvitians are under the impression that they travelled through that area all the time and nothing was there. But that was with Jack Snipe letting them believe that. So what if mountaing-capable units can get in? 1st, they have to want to go there (why would they want to?) and even if they did, they'd see nothing, leading to more "why would you want to go there?"

I leave your most salient argument in Spec as a concession, mystery man; I also combat it. CIHN"

Until I read that, I hadn't thought I'd done anything out of line, but since it seemed I hadn't met this Wiki's standards, I apologized and I immediately tried to explain why I didn't entirely agree with your reasoning. Since then, I've made a point of looking several times at the Faq Gap discussion page, waiting for your response. I didn't realize you wouldn't respond on the Faq Gap discussion page.

Basically, this whole problem happened because I was trying really hard to interpret the summer updates and the Wiki in light of Jillian's comment that Faq was only accessible by air or by tunnel. Since that was practically the only explicit thing Rob had said about Faq's geography, I thought we should take it very literally until it was explicitly disproved by subsequent events in the updates or comic. I can see how the arrival of Western Giants in Faq suggests to you that Jillian was wrong, and Faq can be reached on foot by Mountain Units, but it seemed to me at least possible that the Giants had been carried into Faq by Meaglogiffs. I guess once I considered the possibility that they had flown in, I let my desire to find an explanation consistent with Jillian's statement get the better of me, and I started to assume that it was likely, even almost certain, that they had been flown in, because that was the only way to make the Giant's arrival consistent with Jillian's statement. I'll try to be more careful in the future.

If you want to discuss this further,will you respond here, or on the Faq Gap page, or on another page?

I have no idea who you think I am, but obviously someone else agreed with me or something. If you have to hedge with probably, what you are writing shouldn't be proposed canon. Proposed canon is for things you are convinced are true, not your theory about a way to harmonize certain facts, or guesses about the most likely course of future events, or your ideas about the unstated motives behind actions. Let's not argue though, just do your thing -- I am barely even involved in this wiki.

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