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Hello! Since you've been on such a link-spree lately, I thought I should mention a few of things: First, there's a number of redirects already made, so "Ansom" takes you to "Prince Ansom", "Eyemancer" takes you to "Eyemancy", that sort of thing. Saves the hassle of going [ [ wanda firebaugh | Wanda ] ] when you can just go [ [ Wanda ] ], right?

Second, it's not really necessary to link every instance of something in an article. Or, for that matter, in a sentence. Seriously, if Jetstone is mentioned, two other words are said, and then Jetstone is mentioned again, you only have to link the first one.

Lastly, unless you're planning on making the page, you might want to keep from linking to non-existant pages.

Oh, and if you see spammer pages, feel free to replace the content with [ [ category:spammer ] ], and tag them in their talk page with the same thing. Helps the admins know who to ban, you see.

Aside from all that, here's your complimentary fruit basket, thanks for lending a hand getting our wiki on, and here's looking forward to more Erf! -- No one in particular 01:37, 30 March 2011 (UTC)

Hey, new guy - your enthusiasm is great and all, but please don't presume to declare what I am and am not doing with my limited time - let alone what I should be doing. I have deleted more spam and banned more spammers than anyone except Miment, and beyond that I have made thousands of updates on this wiki. If I delete redirects, it's because they're unnecessary and unused. Make redirects as needed, not for no purpose. Don't link to pages that don't exist, and don't make a page just to fulfill a link. The "minor character" pages I deleted were merely copies of another page - two of a group of five, inexplicably - characters that were barely mentioned, and you repeated information of the larger character that could not be corroborated for them. Wait for more information before making unnecessary pages. CIHN


Nice work over the last couple of days. --GRuban 18:47, 19 May 2011 (UTC)

Good job

Hey, thanks for completing all the pages on this last update. I started this morning, but couldn't figure out what values to put into the template to make it work. Anyway, tahnks for cleaning up after me. Bond em7 12:53, 7 July 2011 (EDT)

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