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Adrexil Xewleer
Race: Men
Tribe: Air Pirates
Faction: Skylords
Class: Warlord
Level: 5
Special: Dance fighting, leadership
Eyebook Username: Xewleer
Eyebook Sound: 'Shmurp Shmurp!'

From the Midwest of the USA, I have led countless armies into battle. To hear that there is one more field like this? True pleasure.

Currently running around and giving long winded opinions... the best example can be found in the Arkendish section.

Attuned to the Carniphones. Allows dance fighting, and negates spells that would interfere. Dance fighting bonuses spread out throughout the combat hex for my side, rather than just the stack I am in. Is not an Arkentool, but is still in the same vein. As a side effect, the user can hear music, it sounds like a party.