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Mister B
Race: Men
Faction: Barbarian (Magic Kingdom)
Class: Caster (Changemancer)
Level: 4
Eyebook Username: EyeB4Eee
Eyebook Sound: *scribble*

Ah, the noble user page. Well, this is as good a place to start as any.

Mr. B is a California-based writer and editor (hence, Changemancer, though he has been known to dabble in Rhyme-o-mancy on occasion). His specialties include the restructuring of words and phrases and slaying of grammatical daemons.

Recent Campaigns

  • IPTSF - Got the new templates for Book Zero pulled together. (2 November 2011)
  • Getting Cultured - working to improve the categorization and content of pages in the Erfworld Culture category (3 November 2010 - present)
  • Herding Cats - categorized almost everything on the Uncategorized Pages page (3 November to 7 November 2011)
  • Hail Caesar - replacing misspelled versions of Caesar's name (3 November 2011)
  • Verb tension - fixing verb tense agreement within sentences/paragraphs/sections (seriously, you can't have both the present and past tense in the same sentence, folks). (16 July to 31 July 2011)
  • Help pages - pulled over most of the needed Help pages from MediaWiki and made a few edits in order to avoid creep and such (19 June 2011)
  • Klog Kleaning - Systematically going through the Klog texts and making spelling corrections (3 June to 5 June)
  • "teh" - eradicated 1 June 2009

Stfu-logo-124px.png This user is a member of the
Society for Titanic Faith and Understanding and supports the study of Erfworld Culture.