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Race: Men
Tribe: Frigis (Partly Lost)
Faction: Lunava
(preceded by Motorola, then Mobile, then Brin)
Class: Caster (Shockmancer)
Level: 4
Move: 7
Hits: 4
Combat: 5
Defense: 2
Special: Evasion

Hello visitors, I'm DarkMage. Long-time fan of board games, RPGs, and lots of Medival Fantasy stuff. I like D&D, which is how I found Erfworld, through GITP and OOTS. I'm writing gaming articles, some about magic, some about other unit stuff. I also have made sample Erfworld sides. I have only published one article a long time ago, but I hope to publish more later. I try to be as accurate to Canon as possible, and have made a few edits to the Wiki. I love erfworld, and this new unit collection. That's about everything. DFTBA.