HMS Hubris Unsinkable II

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HMS Hubris Unsinkable II
Faction: Seaworld
Class: Ship

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 1

The HMS Hubris Unsinkable II was the flagship of Admiral Chequer and a new ship in Seaworld. She was named after the HMS Hubris Unsinkable, which disappeared under mysterious circumstances. She was a sister ship to the HMS Penman.

Despite not possessing the seafarer special, Duke Joseph Forecastle was chosen as her first mate, much to Admiral Chequer's irritation.

She was ultimately sunk on her maiden voyage during a battle with Anchorbar in the Battle of the Storm Hex, with less than half of her crew escaping to a captured Anchorbar ship, which was later named as HMS Double Eagle.

Class: Three masted Ship-of-the-lineForecastle 3 Forecastle 14

Crew: ~60 seafarers (assuming that the HMS Hubris Unsinkable II is identical to the HMS Hubris Unsinkable)

Passengers: 310 soldiers and seafarersForecastle 3

Ship's boats: Four longboats and two launchesForecastle 6