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Proposed Canon

Unisom is or was a Royal side created by Lunesta, said to be one of the original Queens created by the Titans. As such, Unisom would almost certainly predate every side so far encountered. It is said that Jetstone is descended from this side.

Former Inhabitants

  • Queen Lunesta, founded the side, long, long dead.
  • Queen Ambien, daughter of Lunesta, almost certainly dead.
  • Prince Dairious, founded his own side.


If the myths relating to the creation of Unisom are true, then it is likely that they were at least partially responsible for the current state of endless warfare Erfworld is trapped in.

As the side and both known Queen's are named after sleeping potions, that may indicate that the side never actually existed, being the stuff of dreams. It may also imply heavy use of flower power, or that Unison was an intensely boring place.

Real World References

Unisom, it seems, is a brand of thing used to sedate the unwary.