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Proposed Canon

  • Unnamed Warlord

The Union Conference was a gathering sponsored by Queen Post between Firstpost and its three neighboring sides.

Firstpost, Squashcourt, Tapwater, and Protip had a long history of warring and skirmishing unprofitably in their limited territory over the same seven or eight small city sites. The intent of the conference was to find a solution to the perpetual state of war that plagued the sides, and allow them to form an alliance. The conference was contentious, with delegates who would not be reigned in by Lord Crush of Firstpost, the nominal moderator and secretary. After several turns of seemingly fruitless arguing, all present discovered, much to their surprise, that they had actually reached a point where everyone agreed with the proposed draft of the alliance. The delegate from Tapwater declared "So be it!", leading to all the delegates to echo the sentiment and create the So-be-it Union.WB2014 Lord Crush - Part 1

The conference took place sixteen hundred turns ago (four years and four months in Stupidworld time). The resulting peace and mutual alliances helped the four sides successfully weather two wars with their southern neighbor Bullyclub. Recently, a second set of negotiations (if not a full blown conference) would have been held to re-establish the So-be-it Union after it was dissolved as part of the strategy to win the third war with Bullyclub.


The So-be-it Union is one of the longest lasting, most successful multi side alliances. That it was reformed after breaking is unusual and exceptional.

Having taken place so long ago, the events of the first union conference may have been around the time of Haffaton and Faq's war.