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Wanda uncroaks Webinar, Dora, and the rest of the RCC infantry ambushed in the mines during the battle for Gobwin Knob

Proposed Canon

Units that are croaked (killed) can be reanimated using Croakamancy to become "uncroaked" (undead).

First Appearance: TBFGK 3


Uncroaked units have no will of their own, and limited intelligence. Uncroaked warlords are capable of following simple orders and leading troops.Erf-b1-p027-p6Same-site.PNG

Uncroaked units decay over time, and eventually fall apart. While they last, they are still capable of gaining experience and leveling up.Erf-b1-p055-p9Same-site.PNG

There are limitations on what units can and cannot be uncroaked. Erf-b1-p146-p8Same-site.PNG

Uncroaked Casters function as infantry.Erf-b1-p077aSame-site.PNG

Uncroaked Warlords may remain Warlords (as did Manpower) or with less attention may become infantry (as did Sir Webinar). Uncroaked Warlords may normally lose levels when they are uncroaked.Erf-b1-p145Same-site.PNG They are capable of leveling after being uncroaked, but will still decay. Erf-b1-p055Same-site.PNG

Uncroaked units have their livery set by the caster who created them. The caster may elect to retain the unit's original livery, or match the livery to their own or an allied warlord's livery.

Uncroaked units do have upkeep costs, but lower than normal units. IPTSF Text 33

How long the uncroaked unit lasts and how many levels it retains is determined by the skill of the Croakamancer. When Wanda was a first level Croakamancer, she could try to uncroak a warlord, and he would keep half his levels, and last about 10-12 turns. Or she could try to uncroak 66 units all in one hex, and they would last one turn.IPTSF Text 6


Stanley's limited forces have been supplemented by uncroaked infantry created by Croakamancer Wanda Firebaugh. In particular, Stanley's last living warlord (Manpower the Temporary) fell at the Battle of Warchalking, leaving him with only five (after Manpower's body was retrieved and uncroaked by Wanda) uncroaked warlords to lead his forces in the field.

Later, while Jillian Zamussels attempts to persuade Wanda to defect from Stanley, several unipegataurs and Archons (including Jaclyn) are croaked, and then uncroaked. In addition, after a failed attempt by the Royal Crown Coalition to attack Gobwin Knob from its tunnels, at least 2870 fallen Jetstone troops, including warlords Sir Webinar and Dora, are uncroaked.

Uncroaked Characters

Unit types seen to be uncroaked


An uncroaked unit may or may not retain all of the abilities it had in life, for instance, uncroaked Jaclyn and several uncroaked unipegataurs were shown in flight,Erf-b1-p119-p8Same-site.PNG and an uncroaked warlord is still capable of functioning as a warlord; however, an uncroaked caster does not retain spellcasting abilities and functions as generic uncroaked infantry.Erf-b1-p077aSame-site.PNG

Units can be uncroaked en masse, but the resulting creations are weaker and decay more rapidly than ones that are animated with careful individual attention.Erf-b1-p116-p8Same-site.PNG

When lead into battle by a Croakamancer, uncroaked gain a "huge" bonus.Erf-b1-p084aSame-site.PNG

Uncroaked infantry, led by a master-class Croakamancer is capable of dance-fight.Erf-b1-p127Same-site.PNG

Re-croaking a.k.a. dusting

When an uncroaked unit reaches zero hit points, or expires, it immediately turns to dust, leaving no corpse. (Decrypted units also dust upon reaching zero hit points.)

Effect of Arkenpliers

Wanda, having attuned to the Arkenpliers, reanimated Prince Ansom and a lot of the fallen units of the Royal Crown Coalition into Decrypted,Erf-b1-p144Same-site.PNG giving them a different appearance than most Uncroaked. She was also able to animate unit types she couldn't uncroak previously.Erf-b1-p146-p8Same-site.PNG


There are restrictions on what units can be uncroaked. Its likely that just as nothing which can talk is capable of being harvested for rations, that nothing which can't talk can be uncroaked (i.e. if you can harvest it for rations, you can't uncroak it).

The first Uncroaked to appear in the comic were three skeletons. Ever since that point, all uncroaked have taken the appearance of the units they had been previously. There are three explanations for this phenomenon:

1) Unlike the 'standard' zombielike uncroaked seen throughout the comic, these skeleton-croaked can be made whole-cloth by a Croakamancer, with no bodies required. This advantage would be offset by their having no special abilities (like gobwins or marbits' tunnel prowess, for instance), lower stats, or higher cost in Juice.

2) These are in fact regular uncroaked that have merely deteriorated such that their flesh is gone and they are no longer identifiable. Their stats would have decreased over time to a low level.

3) Rob Balder had not planned ahead in this case, or changed his mind at some point, and the skeletons will be Retconjured out or explained away in the future.