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Proposed Canon

Unaroyal is a destroyed side and former member of the Royal Crown Coalition. Its infantry units were clad in red and orange livery. Their banner was a black torus with white lettering, on a red and orange field.[1]

It sent 1714 troops to the Battle for Gobwin Knob,[2] led by Lady Sylvia Lazarus. This was the third largest force after the Marbits and Jetstone. They were wiped out in the battle and the volcanic eruption that followed.

Following the destruction of their forces, Unaroyal's hired Thinkamancer Roger Victor Clarence informed Transylvito's Thinkamancer, Bunny, of the loss.[3]

Unaroyal shared a border with Jetstone near the cities of Bridgestone and Firestone.[4]

Unaroyal bordered Gobwin Knob, possibly near Warchalking, which they took from Gobwin Knob before losing it (and several other cities) back to them.[5] Their capital cities were roughly 200 hexes apart.[6]

Unaroyal was on good terms with Transylvito. Queen Bea communicated regularly with Don King by Thinkamancer and Magic Hat.[7]

The Side of Unaroyal was destroyed by Queen Bea committing suicide, presumably by stepping through the portal to the Magic Kingdom and being disbanded. [8]


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Unaroyal is bordered Gobwin Knob to the west and Jetstone on the far side from Gobwin Knob.

Former Cities of Unaroyal

  • City of Unaroyal - capital, level 4, briefly neutral, now held by Gobwin Knob
  • Bohica - held by Gobwin Knob, then razed by Faq[9]
  • Powerstone - Former Jetstone city once held by Unaroyal. Current ownership unclear but likely held by Gobwin Knob. Notable as the city where Jojo saved Lady Sylvie Lazarus before her promotion to Warlord.
  • Unabrow - held by Gobwin Knob
  • Unatard - held by Gobwin Knob
  • Unavac - held by Gobwin Knob
  • Warchalking - held by Gobwin Knob
  • Motoroyal - level 2 city, burned to the ground by Gobwin Knob and a new city named Dwagoncon founded on the same site[10]

Known Characters

Known Units


They took Warchalking from Lord Manpower the Temporary at the beginning of book one. That would fit with them occupying the city during the summer update, and may point to them having marbits as natural allies.

Jojo Jeftichew's story about Lady Sylvia mentions a city of Powerstone that at some point either belonged or was contested by Unaroyal.

Real World References

"Unaroyal" is likely a pun on the tire manufacturer Uniroyal, particularly given their livery -- the "black torus" is probably a tire. the names of their cities seem to begin with "Una" and resemble an english word (ex: unibrow/Unabrow, unitard/Unatard). Also, the Jetstone cities on their former border are named after Bridgestone and Firestone, tire manufacturers which merged in the 1980s.

Uniroyal was also one of the companies that produced Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, which may explain Jojo's orange raiment.