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Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: LIAB Prologue 13

Unabrow is a large, powerful city of the Gobwin Knob side. It was captured from Unaroyal


It is located near the site of the former capital of Unaroyal.

It was taken by Gobwin Knob roughly 25-27 turns after the Battle for Gobwin Knob.

Due to the real world reference, it would not be surprising to find that Unabrow casters are more likely to be Eyemancers than any other type of caster.

The city may have been razed and rebuilt under another name after being captured by Gobwin Knob.

Real World References

"Unabrow" seems to be related to "unibrow" which is a slang reference to a person's eyebrows which have grown together, making the appearance of having only one eyebrow that spans the entire face, above both eyebrows.