Twolling for Warlords

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Using the largest nearby object, Erfworld itself, Bogroll kills Ansom. From Page 131



The plan required the following resources:

  • Bogroll -- To bait the trap and kill Ansom
  • Maggie -- to cast the Veil on Bogroll
  • Wanda's scroll stash -- to provide the Veil spell
  • Ansom's expectation of the honour in parley.

The Plan

Following the failure of the Thriller Moves plan, Parson has fallen back to Dungeon. He realizes that he needs to eliminate the double bonuses of Ansom's Leadership and his Arkenpliers' artifact bonus. Parson sends Bogroll to Maggie who tells the twoll the complete plan, and then contacts Charlie to inform Ansom that Parson is ready to surrender. Charlie reveals that he thinks this is an obvious trap, but informs Ansom anyway.

Bogroll is hidden inside a Veil that makes him appear as Parson, and ascends the Tower to appear to surrender.


Ansom, assuming his opponent would behave with honour, falls for the trap completely. Parson has repeatedly demonstrated that he is cunning and sly, but Ansom ignores that and approaches Bogroll as if his Royal heritage is a shield that protects him from all harm. Ansom rants about the superiority of Royal blood, and realizes that he is vulnerable only when the Veil breaks due to contact with the magic -- at which time it is too late. Bogroll grabs Ansom, disarms him of the Arkenpliers, and leaps from the Tower. (The Archons accompanying Ansom reveal that they knew that "Parson" was a veiled Twoll, but Ansom had not been paying for "spell security", so unlike Jaclyn, they did not inform Ansom of the ploy.)

Ansom absorbs most of the damage of the fall and is croaked.

Moments later, Bogroll is burned by a mob and is croaked as well.

With the death of Ansom, Lady Sylvia Lazarus takes up the Arkenpliers and (presumably) the leadership of the Royal Crown Coalition. She presses the attack, determined to finish the fight today.

Parson finishes the plan by collapsing the Tunnels underneath Courtyard and Tower Zones. This does not kill as many coalition troops as he hoped, and so the fight continues, and so Parson must implement one final, desperate plan...