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Proposed Canon

Turning is a term used in Erfworld for a unit changing from one side to another.

A unit may either choose to turnLIAB 73 Hvs.tCF 122, or be ordered to turn by their Ruler.IPTSF Text 60 An intent to turn needs to be accepted by the target side, either by its Ruler or a Commander unit (Warlord or Caster).IPTSF Text 62 Hvs.tCF 118

Immediately after turning, the unit's livery instantly and automagically changes to that of their new side.IPTSF Text 62 LIAB 73 Hvs.tCF 117 Hvs.tCF 122

Dollamancers who turn do not normally bring their golems with them, but special exceptions have occurred. Claud Gauntlet was able to order his action figure to turn to Charlescomm along with Claud, but only because Claud was a barbarian at the time. Bill's turning to Charlescomm should not have brought all of Transylvito's golems with him, but Charlie used a remote link via the Arkendish to cheat the rules.Erf-b3-p306Same-site.PNG



The process is unclear; casters captured in battle, especially after a side is destroyed and they become barbarians, sometimes join their captors, particularly as an alternative to croaking. A unit can apparently turn in the field if properly motivated; of course, Obedience, Loyalty, and Duty all work against this process.

When Jillian was under the influence of Wanda, and would not attack the wounded dwagons, Jaclyn tried to prod her into choosing some course of action, including abandoning the fight or turning to Stanley's side and joining up with the dwagons.

Later, Jillian asked Wanda to turn and join the Royal Crown Coalition.

When Charlie offered Parson a chance to surrender to him, it was heavily implied that Parson was expected to turn and join Charlescomm.

Vanna, a turnamancer working for Faq on contract, successfully turned Jitterati Warlord Duncan Scone to Faq, after Faq had sacked two of his side's cities and staged side-wide betrayal by their natural allies. The indication is that a turnamancer has magic that can assist in the speed and success of turning. She could not instantly turn a Decrypted Ansom at a distance, however. It remains to be seen what that means.

It is also apparently possible for a unit to Turn with the permission of their Ruler, presumably as part of a trade or surrender agreement (or occasionally for more bizzare purposes). This action is twice demonstrated in the story "Inner Peace through Superior Firepower", and apparently uses the formal oath “On orders from my Ruler and with my full personal consent, I hereby pledge allegiance to the side of X, and its Ruler, for all the rest of my turns”. No oath seems to be necessary to seal an unordered Turning.Hvs.tCF 122

In Digdoug Episode 9, we see a Barbarian caster joining a side for the first time. This is referred to as "aligning" and is apparently distinct from regular Turning.

Contracts bound by Signamancy can compel turning in accordance with the contract's terms.

Duke Forecastle suspects the action of persuading enemy prisoners to turn can also be influenced by Luckamancy.

The rule for sided golems not turning along with their maker probably also applies to golems made by Dirtamancy, and uncroaked units made by Croakamancy.