Tunnels and Zombies

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Wanda uncroaks all the forces croaked in the Tunnel Fighting on Page 116


Parson Gotti utilized his opponent's attempted flank to trap and destroy a significant number of Marbit and Jetstone Units, as well as at least two of Jetstone's warlords: Sir Webinar and Dora. Though Parson planned the operation, and, though Maggie observed its progress, caster Sizemore Rockwell was given command of the battle in the Tunnels. Through the use of trapsErf-b1-p108Same-site.PNG, careful scouting and ambushing Erf-b1-p109Same-site.PNG, hit-and-fade tactics, and Spidew-mounted knight reinforcementsErf-b1-p111Same-site.PNG, Sizemore was able to break the invading forces leadership and rout the attempted flank. Parson's plan had been a smashing success. As a result of the battle in the tunnels, more than two-thirds of all Jetstone forces in the Royal Crown Coalition were destroyed, as well as a significant number of Marbit troops. Included among the fallen were Jetstone warlords Dora and Sir WebinarErf-b1-p112Same-site.PNG; both they and 2,778 other Jetstone units were uncroakedErf-b1-p116Same-site.PNG by Wanda Firebaugh to supplement Gobwin Knob forces.


To succeed, Parson's plan required the following:

Gobwin Knob


The Plan

Preceding Events

This plan is to begin the day after Parson's failure to protect the dwagons after the raids on the siege train. Stanley has spoiled any offensive plans this day by ordering all Gobwin Knob Units back to the city, and he has taken the most powerful, his remaining dwagons, with him in an attempt to start a new Side in Faq. Parson can only move Units around inside Gobwin Knob, because Garrison Units can move inside the city at no cost, so that is what he does. Parson knows from Wanda's interrogation of Jillian that Jetstone and Marbit troops will attempt to invade the Garrison from the Tunnels. Parson has been made aware that traditionally, although Casters could lead stacks, and in some cases with a Leadership bonus, that it rarely occurs. Parson intends to use this fact to surprise Ansom's own troops and crush them. He will then call upon Wanda to uncroak everything in the hex, doubling or maybe tripling the number of defending troops.


"You need to hit only the scouting stack that got closest to the reaching the city. But hit it with excessive force". - LordHamster
"Excessive force. Got it, Warlord." - ImInUrDirtz
Prior to the main advance of Jetstone and Marbit forces into the tunnels of Gobwin Knob, Parson orders Sizemore to locate and thoroughly smash the most advanced RCC scouting stack; Sizemore's four golems literally crush the scouts into the groundErf-b1-p087Same-site.PNG. RCC Leadership interprets the severity of the attack as an indicator that the croaked scout unit had neared the edge of Dungeon Garrison.

The Battle in the Tunnels

The next day, Gobwin Knob forces attacked the Royal Crown Coalition forces on the next possible Turn. Sizemore directed and healed his golems, eventually using them to kill off all of the leadership Units in the Tunnels. Without orders, the RCC units were forced to auto-attack, and so would not flee. This allowed Sizemore to systematically collapse the Tunnels and eliminate all of the Royal Crown Coalition Units in the Tunnels.


Overall, the plan went as perfectly as could be expected. All major objectives were achieved and casualties were negative; that is, Parson ended with more troops than he started with.

Gobwin Knob

As a result of the total routing of RCC forces, Gobwin Knob reaped many benefits.
Wanda's part in this plan was simple. She cast her Croakamancy Spell, and Gobwin Knob had closed one of its openings (by collapsing the Tunnels so that there was no longer an entrance there). The new uncroaked units could concentrate on defending the Outer Walls only, strengthening the defense.

Royal Crown Coalition

A secondary objective was achieved: Ansom reacts to this loss by trying to hammer Gobwin Knob into submission with a direct assault, with himself on point trying to reach the wall to allow the siege engines to go to work. This places Ansom in a vulnerable position where he can be attacked by Wanda, and he is nearly killed.