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This page describes Banon-level fan-created material. It conflicts with Erfworld Canon, and is not official. This material was created by Charles.

This page is purely fan speculation of the True20 system's Super Natural abilities to Erfworld's magic classes.

True20 is a 20 sided dice, RPG system designed to be a framework for building a more full-featured RPG scenarios or environments. True20 is copyright to Green Ronin Publishing and you can purchase the True20 Adventure Roleplaying Revised Edition PDF from this link

Hocus Pocus


  • Object Reading - Read psychic impressions from place and objects.


  • Nature Reading - Sense the flows and signs of the natural world.
  • Visions - See visions of the future.




  • Dominate - Control a subject’s actions.
  • Pain - Inflict stunning pain on a subject.


  • Elemental Weapon - Imbue a weapon with damaging elemental energy.
  • Psychic Weapon - Create a melee weapon out of psychic energy.
  • Supernatural Weapon - Imbue weapons to overcome damage reduction.


  • Combat Sense - Gain a temporary Combat bonus.
  • Elemental Resistance - Resist the effects of a particular element.
  • Phase - You can become incorporeal.
  • Severance - Remove the powers of others temporarily.
  • Supernatural Speed - Move at great speed in short bursts.
  • Ward Create - interference with supernatural powers or creatures.
  • Wind Walk - Walk on air



  • Earth Shaping - Shape and direct masses of earth and stone.


  • Flesh Shaping - Shape and mold flesh like clay into other forms.
  • Self-Shaping - Reshape your body into different creatures.




  • Enhance Senses - Temporary bonus to Notice, Search, and Sense Motive checks.
  • Scrying - Sense distant events as if you were present.
  • Second Sight - Sense the use and lingering effects of supernatural powers.


  • Beast Link - Perceive through an animal’s senses.
  • Computer Link - Make mental contact with computers.
  • Mind Probe - Probe a subject’s mind for information.
  • Mind Reading - Sense a subject’s surface thoughts.
  • Mind Touch - Establish mental contact with another mind.
  • Psychic Blast - Inflict mental damage on a target.
  • Psychic Reflection - Send a psychic attack back at the attacker.
  • Psychic Shield - Shield your mind from psychic influences.
  • Psychic Trap - Counterattack an attempt to bypass your Psychic Shield.
  • Sense Minds - Sense the presence and location of other minds.
  • Suggestion - Implant suggestions in the minds of others.


  • Illusion - Create illusions that fool the senses.
  • Light Shaping - Shape and direct light and illumination.


Flower Power

  • Calm - Drain intense emotion from others.
  • Plant Shaping - Shape living plants and wood and direct their growth.
  • Sleep - Put a target into a deep sleep



  • Heart - Reading Sense the emotions of other creatures.
  • Heart Shaping - Impose emotional conditions on others.
  • Truth-Reading - Sense when someone is lying to you.



  • Elemental Aura - Surround yourself with a damaging aura.
  • Elemental Blast - Strike a foe with a focused blast of elemental force.
  • Energy Shaping - Shape and direct the flow of electromagnetic energy.
  • Harm - Inflict injury with a touch.


  • Imbue Life - Restore life to the recently dead.
  • Imbue Unlife - Create undead creatures.



Hat Magic

  • Apport - Transport creatures or objects to different locations.


  • Supernatural Strike - Overcome the damage reduction of supernatural creatures.


  • Enhance Ability - Temporarily boost your Strength or Dexterity.
  • Enhance Other - Temporarily boost someone else’s Strength or Dexterity.




  • Body Control - Exert mental control over your body.
  • Cure - Heal injuries by touch.
  • Cure Blindness/Deafness - Remove blindness or deafness.
  • Cure Disease - Remove a disease, preventing further harm.
  • Cure Poison - Remove a poison, preventing further harm.
  • Drain Vitality - Drain vital energy by touch.


Caster Link

  • Thinkamany-Healomany: Mind Shaping Alter a subject’s memories or behavior.


  • Blink - You can teleport rapidly to avoid attacks.
  • Cold Shaping - Create intense cold.
  • Fire Shaping - Shape and direct fire.
  • Ghost Touch - Touch and affect incorporeal creatures as if they were solid.
  • Manipulate Object - Manipulate and handle objects at a distance.
  • Move Object - Life and move objects at a distance.
  • Plane Shift - You can transport yourself to other dimensions.
  • Teleport - You can move instantly from place to place.
  • Water Shaping - Shape and direct the flow of water.
  • Weather Shaping - Shape and direct weather conditions.
  • Wind Shaping - Shape and direct the force of the wind.