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"A trap is an item or emplacement intended to harm or immobilize." - Ivan Poe

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Proposed Canon

A Trap is a device or physical effect which can be triggered under certain circumstance, usually by a unit coming into physical contact with a certain part of the trap. Traps are mostly created as a form of a Dirtamancy.

Traps can be made to only trigger for units of a certain type, as evidenced by Sizemore's heavy-only trap door in Portal Park.

Examples of Traps


The Volcano Uncroaking as been referred to as a trap. Whether this is simply a mistaken assumption by the sides who do not know the actual magic behind the act is unclear. The fact that characters specifically say "Dirtamancy Trap" suggests that other kinds of traps may exist, perhaps created by Dollamancy, Shockamancy, and/or Fabrication

It's seems likely that the Marbits used a trap against a crap golemErf-b1-p087Same-site.PNG, but whether it was a dirtamancy, natural dirtamancy, or non-magical trap is unclear.