Transylvito Style

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Proposed Canon

Transylvito Style is a combat tactic that uses the power of Leadership bonuses. By buying only very weak units, the Side can buy a much larger number of Units. These are stacked with Warlords, giving each weak unit a Leadership bonus. Including the Chief Warlord in the hex adds another Leadership bonus. If the Chief Warlord is also in a stack, then that stack gets a larger bonus from the Chief Warlord than the others in the hex.


How It Works

Assume a weak Unit has a stat of 1 and a normal Unit has a 3. With a leadership bonus of 5 (as with Webinar, the Point for the weak unit is now 6 and the normal is 8. Since the weak unit is cheaper, there will be 2 or more 6's for only one 8*. The weak unit's strength is increased by 500%, but the normal unit by only 167%. How much that actually influences the fight depends on the mechanics of the combat system, which we may never know. In some systems, 2 units at 1 vs. one at 3 has the same chance of victory as two units at 6 vs. one at 8, because the system is subtractive (3-1 =2 and 8-6 = 2). In others, the power is compared as a ratio, and in this kind of system, this tactic is particularly powerful. 1:3 = 0.333 while 6:8 = 0.75, so the weak units double in strength. In others, the strengths of all units are added and a ratio taken, (1+1):3 = 0.67 and (6+6):8 = 1.5, almost tripling the strength.

  • The previous contributor fails to consider the fact that that assumption only works if the "normal" unit costs at least twice as much as the "weak" unit.