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Proposed Canon

The Tower of Jenga was the tower in the City of Spacerock, the capital of the Jetstone Side. It was decorated with the red radish symbol of Jetstone.

It was destroyed during the Siege of Spacerock and later rebuilt. It was then further modified by a Dirtamancy Dollamancy caster link, which awakened it into Jed the Head.


Like the Tower of Efdup, the Tower of Jenga consisted of several distinctive sections:

  • a section above ground level up to a round observation platform
  • the observation platform and parapet
  • a spire above the observation platform

All three sections were connected by the Grand Stairs.LIAB Text 25

The section above ground level and up to a round observation platform contained:

  • a large portal with doors feeding into the Atrium on one sideLIAB 60 and an archway to the rest of the city on the opposite sideLIAB 58 LIAB Text 25
  • the portal, which can be barricaded,LIAB 53 leads to several flights of stairs up to the upper levels

The observation platform contained:

  • a balcony that was used for observation and parleyLIAB 46
  • rooms for mustering flyers, archers and castersLIAB Text 30

It is unclear exactly which sections of the tower contain:

  • the Royal Court and throne room
  • King Slately's stateroom


It is not clear what the Erfworld reason for the tower name might be, as no unit currently known is named Jenga, but one might surmise that it is named after a past ruler of Spacerock. However, since the Tower of Efdup does not seem to be named after a unit or side, it may simply be that towers are named, like cities, independently of unit/side names.

Real World References

Jenga is a party game marketed by Parker Brothers, (a division of Hasbro) where blocks are stacked in a tower, and each player takes turns removing one until the tower falls. Since the tower in the real world game consists of 54 wooden blocks with 18 levels consisting of 3 blocks each, it would not be surprising to find that Balder uses these numbers in some fashion in the webcomic.