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Proposed Canon

A tower is a city zone located atop the garrison and they are somehow related to what makes a city a city. They can only be attacked from airspace.

Towers have important magical qualities. They provide a bonus to a caster's spells. They also possess a capacity for being charged with spells. Commanders can direct them to target these spells at specific enemy units. If no commander is present, it will target enemies automagically.

A tower is not classified as a type of building. Though impossible to convey exactly why without Dirtamancy sense, it has been stated that they have qualities that make it impossible to imbue them with motion.

Towers actually have a primal form of sentience. They enjoy being owned and fought over. This intelligence can be awakened into full fledged sapience with an appropriate caster link (a Thinkamancer, a Dollamancer and a Dirtamancer). An awakened tower is often referred to as a temple.

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Real World References

Mage towers are a common trope in fantasy.