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Count Topotato
Race: Men
Faction: Haggar (formerly Jetstone)
Class: Warlord
Special: Leadership, Noble

Proposed Canon

"Topotato, and beyond!"

First Appearance: LIAB Text 55

Count Topotato was a Noble Warlord in service to Jetstone, who was traded to Haggar in exchange for a pair of Clotheshorses and a tun of mead after the King got fed up with him. He drowned whilst trying to lead an Aquabat attack underwater. He was deeply stupid.LIAB Text 55

While in service to Jetstone, he managed the City of Spacerock (not because he was any good at it, but because it was the only way to keep an eye on him)

Real World References

Name is based on the children's counting rhyme "One potato, two potato, Three potato, four; Five potato, six potato, Seven potato, more!".