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Proposed Canon

Toolism is the idea of Titans favoring those wielding the Arkentools. Toolism was first proposed by Stanley the Tool. Ansom has been spreading the Word in the RCC II trying to convert other Sides to his views. Wanda, who has also attuned to an Arkentool, seems to be actively spreading this ideology as well.

As an ideology, Toolism stands in direct opposition to Royalism, which holds that Royalty is the highest Titanic mandate for rule.


As with Royalism, the only point of Toolism revealed to date is who should rule, but not to what purpose.

Because he is attuned to the Arkendish, it is widely believed by the denizens of Erfworld that Charlie is also an adherent of Toolism. While this is not the case, the growing hostility towards Toolism felt by many Royals is already making it much harder for Charlie to persuade them to employ his Archons. This may, in part, be why Wanda is publicizing the ideology.

Additionally, there does also seem to be some dissension amongst the Royal sides, though the quote listed here is from very early in the series, before Don King, and consequently Transylvito, began to care about such things.

Potential for Genocide

Royals and Nobles can only be popped in cities controlled by Royals. Therefore, if Toolism swept Erfworld, and all sides were conquered by non-Royal Arkentool carriers, then no more Royals or Nobles would be created.


Royal sides were founded by the original tool attuned denizens of Erfworld. The pliers were in the possesion of Jetstone because it was used to found the side. Thus, Toolism IS Royalism.

Real World References

In as much as it is opposed to Royalism, and claims that it will naturally rule the world one day, Toolism bears some resemblance to Marxism.