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Hvs.tCF 123.jpg
Race: Men
Faction: Charlescomm
Class: Archon (Elite)
Level: 8+
Special: flight, leadership, foolamancy, thinkamancy, dance fighting, dollamancy, shockamancy.

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Hvs.tCF 88

Tondelayo (Tondy) is one of Charlie's highest-ranking Fox Forcer Archons, currently croaked. She is many hundredturns old.

She has at least two levels of leadership, three of foolamancy, two of dance fighting, one of dollamancy.Hvs.tCF 263 She also uses ThinkamancyErf-b3-p260Same-site.PNG and ShockamancyErf-b3-p116Same-site.PNG. She has created several Etsies, including Chickpea.

When she was a level 1 archon, shortly after she popped, she was stationed at one of Charlescomm's farms as punishment for talking back to a higher ranked Archon. She accidentally "broke" chickens by interfering with their pop / de-pop cycle; afterwards she ran several experiments on this cycle under Charlie's orders. This brought her to Charlie's attention. She then began a long and successful career during which she won some difficult wars for Charlie's clientsHvs.tCF 123.

After she attained level 8, during the Battle of Yeagerbom Hvs.tCF 263, she was promoted to rank AAA in Charlescomm and served at Comm Tower level 40 together with Bonnie, who was AA-ranked at the time. She spent those turns talking to barbarian casters from the Magic Kingdom, trying to gain useful intelligence while selling them drinks. In her spare time, she practiced her dollamancy.

She was one of the three FFF-ranked Archons who received Lilith back to Charlescomm in turn 90 AW. One of her duties at the time was to hook the physically incapacitated Charlie up to his Thinkamancy interfaces. When Lilith broke free during her interrogation and threatened Charlie, Tondelayo managed to unhook him and get him to a more secure location before Lilith could finish him off. Hvs.tCF 97 Tondelayo was understandably unhappy about the significant losses Charlescomm took during that turn, especially since she'd repeatedly tried to warn Charlie he was making mistakes,Hvs.tCF 123, but she believed Charlie when he claimed to have a plan that would allow them to win.Hvs.tCF 144

After Fifinella's demise at the hands of Lilith, Tondelayo was closer to Charlie than any other, Hvs.tCF 112 and also knew more of his secrets, Hvs.tCF 107, which made her subsequent loss particularly painful for him. She and six other Archons were croaked (string-cut) in 96 AW in the Magic Kingdom by the empowered Isaac as they attempted to shoot Wanda after a failed negotiation.Hvs.tCF 264 Wanda took Tondelayo's body with her when she left, Hvs.tCF 269, because Wanda knew she had been Charlie's personal bodyguard, Hvs.tCF 279, and she intended to decrypt her at the first opportunity.


Adding Shockamancy and Thinkagramming to her canonically stated set of specials may imply that she is level 10 or higher, but it's not clear whether Shockamancy and Thinkagramming are simply base Archon specials, or have to be acquired by leveling.

Real World References

As with other archons introduced in Book 3, Tondelayo is a known nose art on a B-25 bomber.

It's also a Cherokee word meaning priceless jewel. It was the name of a seductress played by Hedy Lamarr in the movie White Cargo.