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And editors, be sure to add spammers/vandals to Category:Spammer.

Particularly Significant Pages

  • Descriptive Table of Contents -- A table of contents for Erfwiki's complete, annotated archive of the Erfworld comic and related materials. Each page of the story (whether comics or prose) has its own wiki page, with transcribed dialog, text descriptions of the panels, and footnotes to highlight and explain various points of interest.
  • Guidelines For Fan Art -- A brief word from Rob on the do-s and don't-s of using Erfworld content.

Wanted: Maintenance and Improvements

If you are willing to help, check out the Improvement Drive Portal or the Maintenance Portal and do what you can. You can certainly help if you take a look and do some of these things.

There are many ways to be involved in the community of folks that like the Erfworld mythos.

This wiki is one of them.

The Erfworld IRC channel is another. If you use the IRC channel, be sure to follow the rules of the channel.

The website gets updated with the continuing saga of the Erfworld story first.

There are also forums which have been used in the past.