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Tisha, standing behind Isaac
Lady Tisha Necrosis
Race: Men
Faction: Magic Kingdom (Great Minds that Think Alike)
Class: Caster (Master of Thinkamancy)
Level: 9



Side of Origin: none, popped feral
Age: 20,200 turns

A caster popping in the wild is a particularly rare occurrence. Tisha popped in a ruin at the top of a mountain, with rain and lightning pounding the crumbling towers and fallen stone arches all around her.

For nearly two thousand turns, she calls the rain soaked ruin her home. She reached out to nearby sides by mental contact, never showing herself physically. She sustained her upkeep by contracting out for basic long-distance Thinkamancy services and espionage.

By experiencing a variety of minds at a distance, the analytical Tisha began to form theories about personality and thought. Eventually she shared her ideas with the only person she called a friend: the Overlady of Jungstown, who was called Pink Freud. Overlady Pink invited Tisha to come in out of the rain. Tisha accepted, and became a subject of Jungstown.

For another eleven thousand turns, the two of them developed complicated theories of the mind together. But then the Overlady popped a turbulent new heir, a son named Edifice Wrex. Within forty turns, Jungstown was in ruins, the Overlady and her son were both slain, and Tisha fled to the Magic Kingdom.

Tisha is now known for applying her concepts to the healing of minds and is much in demand among rulers and casters alike. She is perhaps the most trusted Thinkamancer for handling link-ups, and she herself formed the link which created the scroll to Summon the Perfect Warlord.[1]

Proposed Canon

Most people keep their fundamental flaws well-hidden by their superficial flaws.

First Appearance: (Un-named in picture) LIAB Text 40

Tisha is a Thinkamancer and one of the Great Minds.

She participated in the creation of the Summon Perfect Warlord Spell that brought Parson Gotti to Erfworld.[2]


She appears to be one of the croaked Thinkamancers in the destruction of the Temple.Erf-b3-p243Same-site.PNG This means she may have become a part of the Deiform entity.

Real World References

Her name and design are a reference to Morticia Addams, from the comic and television series "The Addams Family". Her name sounds like "Tissue Necrosis", which also fits the Addams Family theme.

Jungstown is derived from Youngstown (an Ohio city), and psychoanalyst Carl Jung.

Pink Freud is derived from the band Pink Floyd, and psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.

Edifice Wrex is a reference to Oedipux Rex, a Greek tragic play based on the myth of Oedipus, who made a wreck of his life as he fulfilled the prophesy that he was fated to marry his mother and to kill his own father.


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