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Proposed Canon

Within a given hex, 1 second is "one-thousand-one", 1 minute is 60 seconds, 1 hour is 60 minutes, and a day is 24 hours.

A year is a period of time referring to 365 turns (or days in Stupidworld). Erfworld doesn't have seasons or related phenomenon to make years a useful measurement. As a result, this isn't a normal part of an Erfworlder's vocabulary, though they will still instinctively understand the word if a Stupidworlder speaks it. Instead of years, Erfworlders have occasionally been known to use hundredturns as a description of magnitude.

Time flows independently in every Hex.

A Unit traveling through a Hex may find minutes or hours passing but a Lookamancer or other observer in another Hex sees the Unit moving in only seconds or minutes.Erf-b1.5-p029Same-site.PNG

A Unit moving from one hex to another will experience a shift in time when moving between hexes, but only if the unit has been observed. Otherwise, as no paradoxes would be caused, the time of the new hex would adjust to your time.Erf-b1.5-p029Same-site.PNG

While length of time is relative, the order of events is absolute. If there are events A, B, and C being observed from two different hexes. Hex one may say: A took 15 minutes, then B took 10, then C took 20. Hex two may say A took 5, then B took 30, then C took 15. In all cases everyone would agree that A happened, then B happened, then C happened.


It's best to try not to think too hard about this.

The Scout's Paradox

This flow of time may be necessary to allow for true Turn based causality to exist.

Suppose a commander ordered a scout to use half its movement traveling west, then return. The scout does so and reports that nothing was found. Based on that result the commander sends a scout to do the same for the south. This repeats two more times. From each scout's perspective six hours passed on their personal trip.

If time is absolute this whole process would require at least 24 hours as we can't send a new scout out until we know what the first one found.

With ErfWolrd time the six hours a scout spends in the field may be only 30 minutes to those in the home city. Each scout expends a whole day's effort while the commander is able to get all his scouting done in 2 hours from his perspective.